The modern world places a large emphasis on technology. More specifically, many of the world’s systems and sectors function as well as they do thanks to recent technological advancements. This fact remains true within the world of marketing. Many successful marketing campaigns are driven by strong digital features, including AI algorithms, video content, and beautiful websites. Despite all of this, digital marketing is not the only way to go. One can choose more analogue routes.

At NXT Generation LLC, we value all types of marketing and recognise that analogue marketing can often be more useful than large-scale digital marketing. This is certainly the case in many areas of Los Angeles, where items such as billboards, sandwich boards, and yard signs play a pivotal role in local marketing campaigns. With this in mind, let us briefly explore how these three (analogue) marketing methods can be used to boost business.


Ads for tech companies like Apple and Netflix dominate billboards on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.


Let’s begin with billboard marketing. Of course, nowadays many people are greeted by digital billboards on busy highways or cross sections, for instance. Our focus, nevertheless, is on analogue billboards. This type of advertising is highly beneficial in Los Angeles (and America more generally) because the average American spends around 300 hours in a car per year. This makes them extremely likely to see your advertisement on a roadside billboard, thereby increasing your brand awareness. What is more, approximately 71% of drivers consciously look at billboards when on the road, which makes them an excellent means for spreading the word about your business.

Moving on to sandwich boards, these are highly useful for local marketing campaigns because the boards can be placed outside all types of establishments (bars, restaurants, retail shops, etc.). Also, the boards can share lots of different content, making them a very versatile advertising tool. They can, for instance, make passers-by aware of your menu, special offers, company aims, and so on. All of this is achieved in a cost-effective manner, which makes sandwich boards a highly attractive marketing tool.

Similar things can be said about yard signs too – they are also highly cost-efficient and versatile. More than anything, though, yard signs are valuable because they appeal to the people that matter. When using yard signs, it’s likely that you’re going to target a localised audience (your neighbours and fellow townspeople). Yard signs allow you to do just that, therefore meaning that they provide a highly targeted marketing service.

To conclude, it is worth remembering that analogue marketing tools – such as billboards, sandwich boards, and yard signs – continue to have a positive impact on one’s marketing campaigns. Despite us living in a digital era, these forms of marketing are still delivering good results, which shows just how reliable they are. For more information on marketing tools, be sure to check out the rest of our website, or contact us via