NXT Generation LLC is extremely proud to announce the launch of a brand-new service – our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inbound Campaigns. These exciting campaigns will supplement our existing range of campaigns, providing clients with the opportunity to scale their projects around the globe. What is more, our AI Inbound Campaigns shall aid all clients, irrespective of their sector, good or service, and aims.

AI Lead Generation


By using our AI Inbound Campaigns, clients can expect to pay less for their leads. Moreover, clients can anticipate a growth in their lead volume, as well as a consistent conversion rate (when compared to traditional Google PPC campaigns). With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that 73% of AI marketers deem AI to be of critical importance to their business endeavours, and 64% claim that AI allows them to get ahead of their competitors.


Our AI Inbound Campaigns follow a strategy that is proven to generate leads. Furthermore, our process is transparent, meaning that all clients can track and understand the progress of their campaigns. To begin our AI Inbound Campaigns, we cast out a wide net across advertising platforms, including Google, Facebook (Meta), Bing & Display Networks. Having done so, we then use "lead magnets" to attract the relevant investors. One way in which we do this is by promoting our clients’ work in the form of a downloadable brochure (something like “A Free Guide To 2022's Best Up-Coming IPO's", for example). This part of the process ends with us having a very large funnel of investors to channel and target.



With the relevant investment data in place, our AI system then applies information gathered from Cookie tracking, in order to track further investors and target all advertisements in the appropriate manner. We generally like to target investors towards client-specific landing pages through banner ads, sponsored posts or PPC search terms. After the prospective client has entered their information on the landing page, they receive an automatic SMS message, confirming that someone will be in touch with them to discuss the opportunity in more detail. Throughout this stage of the process, all clients receive email updates when their content has been viewed and downloaded, thereby giving clients the opportunity to convert their leads immediately.


Once a potential investor has gone through the full funnel, they get added to a "Lookalike Audience List", which the AI algorithm uses to determine what future investors will be like. The more data we get throughout the process, the larger our data range becomes, meaning that we can develop a greater number of investor profiles to help our clients generate leads.



As a result of NXT Generation’s status as one of the leading PPC lead providers in the sector, we are fortunate to have access to a large amount of historical data, which we use to bolster our “Lookalike Audience Lists”. This is highly beneficial for clients because it means that the volume of leads remains consistently high, whilst the CPL stays low.


For simple campaigns, we can have everything built and running within 5 working days. For Crypto & UK based campaigns, we would require 10 working days (due to the nature of the technology involved in bypassing Google & Meta’s protocols). Please note: Crypto & UK campaigns would also involve a setup cost of around £500.


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