We are delighted to work with our film client IDA Rose.

With the current Brexit market as it is, film investment not receiving the best publicity in the past and EIS benefits being stripped from independent film opportunities, film investment can be a tough investment raise.

But some of our film clients exceed in this tough market, we believe with the tenacious female attitude of the production company and the creativity of real-life stories and gripping – raw film productions being produced from IDA Rose, this gives our client a massive advantage in generating investment for their films.

We will continue on to help IDA Rose as much as we can and produce direct marketing solutions to help their independent investment raise and work over and above of what is required for the perfect film marketing campaign.

Here are a few kind words from our client.

Ida Rose has been working successfully with NXT Generation since the beginning of the year.Β  We have run multiple email and video campaigns with the NXT Gen team and are very encouraged by the steady stream of success. We love Johny’s enthusiasm and passion for our projects and the film industry in general.Β  He is always approachable and has created some amazing campaigns which helped raise funds for our films.

Clare Brigg

Head of financing

If you are looking for film investment lead generation opportunities please give us a call –+44(0)203 933 8354