Mobile App Development

At NXT Generation, our app designers and developers are accustomed to turning visions into exquisite mobile applications.


We cater for large and medium sized enterprises, developing in a range of native and hybrid technologies.


Our streamlined production process, combined with our 35 developer-strong team allows us to execute development in the swiftest timeframe. We guarantee robust software, in rapid time.

Our Technologies


We take pride in offering the latest technologies in the industry.

We specialise in both Native and Hybrid development.

Don’t know which stack you’d like? Don’t worry!
Our experts will recommend the optimum technology stack for your product.


Our Process

Discovery & Wireframing

Following a consultation, our experts will create detailed roadmaps for your app concept.

Wireframes are the blueprint for your software and will set the flow and structure of how a user will engage with your product.

Design & Prototype

In this stage, our UI/UX specialists will create digital designs and an interactive prototype of your mobile application.

You’ll be able to see how your future product will look and function and any tweaks to flow or design can be perfected here.

Front End Development

Now your brief is confirmed, our developers can get to work, bringing your product to life.

The first stage of development is to code the front end of your application into a non-functional click-through in native code.

Core Development

Once all of the front end screens have been developed, the core functionality development can begin.

Depending on the complexity of your product, this stage often comprises of 6-12 weeks of uninterrupted development.

ALPHA & BETA Testing

Strict quality control occurs throughout the entire build process to ensure 100% stability and seamless user experience.

Once all functionality is developed, ALPHA and BETA testing will take place before release.

Support & Maintenance

NXT Generation guarantees quality delivery of every project.

Complimentary 31 day maintenance is included after launch of every product.

We offer a range of maintenance packages for support after release.

Latest Projects


Custom E-Commerce Platform


MOJO Dementia
Private Healthcare Medication Tracker


Inventory Application


FinTec Application


We work with a wide variety of industries, catering applications and web platforms to suit every bespoke requirement.

Some of the sectors we work with:

Media & Music
GPS & Live Tracking

Our Other Development Services


At NXT Generation, we don’t just develop Mobile Applications.
Our team can help with any software requirement.

Some of the other development services we offer:

iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet apps
Front-end Development
Multiplatform Solutions
Web App Development
Website Development
Web Design
Back-End Development
Rapid Prototyping
Responsive Design

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