App Development

Design & Development

NXT Generation designers and developers will work together to turn your vision into a viable application. You’ll be able to watch the progress and offer real-time feedback to ensure the end product matches your expectations perfectly. After we test to make sure your application works perfectly in the real world and on a variety of different platforms, we’ll help you get it onto the App Store to reach as many people as possible.


In order to be cost effective, we will create a prototype version of the application for a single operating system (iOS), before developing the full version to be compatible with multiple devices.
Below is our standard process for creating smartphone applications and any other software our clients require.

* With our projects, instead of launching the application, we will review the prototype at the end of testing and make arrangements to discuss the next stages of development (i.e. creating the full application for other operating systems). Once our client is completely satisfied with all products, we will launch all of the applications to the relevant app stores.

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