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Another happy client this time A90 fitness!

We have been working with A90 UR Workout for the past 3 months, not only do the NXT Gen & Carve team look healthier and more in shape, but we have increased the awareness for the fat loss programme within a competitive fitness industry and the guys have successfully converted from our video leads.

We completely re-designed the concept and enhanced the social media optimisation, we created high quality fast paced, energetic, dynamic video content driving fat loss enthusiasts to sign up to their monthly fitness package and our client couldn’t be happier with the success of our marketing campaign.

Please check out the explainer video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMLHCt51X-E

We have been working with Johny & Aaron of NXT Generation & Carve Productions, for around 3 months – building our marketing programme & lead generation for our Fitness Fat Loss Programme A90. The video content the we created has been great & has provided some fantastic exposure. Off the back of the videos we have devised a great plan together for building our leads up & nailing our conversion strategy, our online programmes are currently flying & our in-house classes are building up exponentially. Looking forward to our continued working partnership with NXT Generation & Carve Productions. Adam Co-Creator A90 Fat Loss & Nutrition Guide URWorkout

If you are looking for video marketing – social re-targeting lead generation opportunities within the fitness / wellness sector we can certainly help, please drop us a line info@wearenxtgeneration.com

Another happy client with Supreme Jets!

We are delighted to hear that our client Supreme Jets has successfully converted leads from our marketing campaigns. We have been working with the Supreme team for over 3 months, helping them with their content creation of html’s, landing pages, guides, video production, social media optimisation and lead generation through email marketing and video marketing.

We have been working with Johnathan and his experienced NXT Generation team for the past 3 months and I am delighted with their service. We have completed 3 major sales on the email marketing activity, speaking to British HNW investors who are keen to learn more about our exclusive EIS investment and we have many more prospects in the pipe line. We are now pushing towards video marketing, the NXT Gen team have come up with great ideas for visual lead generation concepts, increasing our awareness for the investment and seem to have a proven video lead generation system to target UK HNW’s.  We are also very happy with the partnerships NXT Generation have formed for us, they not only want to book lead generation campaigns but want to help increase our investment profile in a very competitive investment market with their experienced marketing ideas and connections.

Tola Bashir – CEO Supreme Jets

They are a fantastic client to have part of the NXT Generation family. We are working on big marketing campaigns together with a virtual reality concept to target global HNW investors and helping to raise the awareness with PR Management campaigns.

Watch this space! https://supremejets.com

Google fined £44M!

In the news last week, Google received a fine of £44 million for breaches of the relatively newly implemented GDPR rules. According to news outlets, Google was hit with the fine due to a “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding ads personalisation”. Several groups have claimed that Google has lacked legal basis to process personal data to use it for ad personalisation, hence meaning that they have received multiple complaints since May 2018. In a recent statement, Google has said that “we’re deeply committed to meeting those expectations and the consent requirements of the GDPR”. Let us delve a little further to develop a better understanding of the issue.

The first mistake made by Google was that the search engine did not have transparent enough consent from consumers to use their data. This is, arguably, a little harsh since most consumers merely click buttons without thinking; they do not actively consider where their data is going. Nevertheless, Google did break the rules as stipulated by the GDPR. Secondly, Google has made the mistake of having personalised ads as a “pre-ticked” option meaning that consumers are not explicitly aware of how their information is being used. This does not comply with the GDPR rules, however, is it not the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that they check all the small details? Whatever, the verdict, we see that Google has received much criticism for failing to comply to the GDPR regulations. The record fine will hopefully force Google to rethink about their data usage so that they can avoid more financial penalties. Only time will tell whether such penalties make a difference!

Another happy client with Experience Invest.

We are delighted to see that our revolutionary video marketing / social re targeting system is generating high quality global investor leads and our clients are converting highly from them.

NXT Generation and our partners https://www.carveproductions.com/ have been working hard over the past 7 months to produce a new re-targeting social lead generation system which can actively target investors, present those investors with high quality video productions and entice Investors to register their personal information. We are Facebook partners which means our investor demographic targeting is at its highest quality and it is rewarding to see that our clients are making high deposit sales from our video leads.

Experience Invest Case study.

Luke Fitzsimmons Marketing Director Experience Invest – We have known the guys behind NXT Gen for many years now. In that time, they have worked on multiple successful campaigns for us, from Email marketing lead generation to more innovative video and social Marketing. Every time they go above and beyond to make sure our requirements are fully understood, and our products are represented in the way we want them to be. The last campaign they implemented towards the end of 2018 was social video lead generation which resulted in some great quality leads and subsequent sales. I Fully recommend Jonny and the team they are professional, friendly and keep working hard until they deliver the desired results.

If you are interested in Video Marketing / social re-targeting lead generation opportunities, please drop us a line info@wearenxtgeneration.com