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MIFF was fantastic this year 2018!

MIFF was fantastic this year 2018!

The NXT Generation team once again joined the festivities of The Marbella International Film Festival 2018.

MIFF Nxt Gen video production –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRjCt5st0-w&t=5s

It was a fabulous weekend of glitz & glamour, networking with industry professionals & investors, attending the after parties & gala awards dinner and supporting 2 of our major clients Redrock Entertainment and Moli Films.




For more information on how to get involved in next years miff please drop us a line info@wearenxtgeneration.com


Neil Walker joins the NXT Gen team as our new Head of Design!

Neil Walker joins the NXT Gen team as our new Head of Design!

Neil Walker joins the NXT Gen team and we are super excited to have him!

With over 18 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Neil has developed a comprehensive understanding of what is required to exceed the expectations of our client’s marketing needs.


Neil played a fundamental role in the £13m acquisition of Search Giant in 2007. Following Neil’s departure in 2012, he transitioned into consultancy based work and completed projects for companies such as Moneypenny and Vita Student.
Neil’s portfolio boasts a wide variety of industries including; Property, Retail, Fashion, Finance, Well being and Travel in over 6 countries.






If you are looking for design services please drop us a line and Neil would be happy to help info@wearenxtgeneration.com

NXT Generation are hosting the UK’s 5th Biggest Entrepreneurs & Business Network this Wednesday 29th August!

NXT Generation are hosting the UK’s 5th Biggest Entrepreneurs & Business Network this Wednesday 29th August!

NXT Generation CEO Johny Pach is hosting UK’s 5th Biggest Entrepreneurs & Businesses Network this Wednesday the 29th August.

This is the biggest monthly business & startup gathering & networking in London. Simply bring your banners, flyers, business cards etc. and sell or promote your business or receive business advice from fields’ experts the heart of London.

London Entrepreneurs Network® aims at enhancing & supporting business & start-up communities, by organising monthly London Business Show® where everyone have personal, regular and secured opportunities to sell, promote and publicize their services or products as well as receiving business advice from fields’ experts, freely.

This monthly “London Business Show®” is a great opportunity for everyone to promote businesses regularly (e.g. weekly & monthly). It is a powerful & productive platform for people who want to gain clients, to promote businesses & projects, to create publicity or to get advice from great mentors & entrepreneurs. Additionally – in the middle of the exhibition space – our regular networking continues where you can stay for hours, network, make great connection & enjoy the drinks.

• 5;30pm to 6;30pm Networking + one minute pitch to all

• 6;30pm to 7;00pm

• 7;00pm to 7;30 pm

• 7;30pm to 8;00pm

• 8;00pm to 8;30pm; Get in touch to provide

• 8;30pm to 9;00pm Get in touch to provide

• 9;00pm Closing


More information here – http://www.londonentrepreneursnetwork.com/

Please feel free to come and network. https://www.meetup.com/LondonEntrepreneursNetwork/?_cookie-check=Btim7vGACod87kjq

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Many Thanks

NXT Generation team.


Social media is a GOLD MINE! when it comes to generating quality leads!

Social media is a GOLD MINE! when it comes to generating quality leads!

Social media has become a gold mine for generating leads. People spend large amounts of time on various media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (to name a few) – therefore, these platforms are the perfect places to attract the attention of your desired audience. We at NXT Generation use Facebook as a tool to target our audiences and, with the help of Carve Production, we are able to generate top quality leads. It is is important, however, to have a strategy that will enable your brand to receive optimum attention from your desired audience. Let’s explore the best way to produce top quality leads according to some of the worlds best business brains.

The first thing that you’ve got to do is create content (and lots of it). That’s the only way that you are going to attract attention from the 2.23 billion Facebook users, or the 1 billion Instagram users. Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone both agree on this principle, since it allows people to gain an insight into the awesome stuff that you are offering. Next, it may be worth collaborating with other people. Cardone advocates this method, because it allows you to attract interest from a wide variety of audiences, therefore enabling you to generate new leads. Once you have created your content you need to get it shared. This is the best way to attract attention from your desired audience. On Facebook the like and share buttons are seen about 10 million times a day, so if you can encourage sharing you are more likely to generate the leads that you want.

By committing to the three principles – creating content, collaborating, and encouraging sharing – you are very likely to create awareness of your brand. Thus, you will give yourself the best possible chance to generate the leads that you want!

NXT Generation & ZHERO are providing our clients with simplified, personalised IT solutions.

Zhero business IT support: Your world-class IT heroes

We love IT! And loving IT means that Zhero delivers innovative enterprise technology solutions that are affordable, scalable and tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Zhero has been in the business of IT support for over a decade and have garnered a wealth of experience and expertise in this time. Zhero acts as a digital mentor to companies from all over the planet with practical IT strategies to accelerate core business and empower employees. Zhero are renowned for their personalised 24×7 direct-to-engineer model and customers can focus on what is important to them.

Zhero partners with Nxt Generation offering simplified, disruptive IT solutions that support their video marketing, VR, PR management, email marketing and social media services. Zhero’s around the clock monitoring of the Nxt Generation IT infrastructure means that their technology systems are secure and up-to-date at all times.

Zhero renders personalised IT solutions to the likes of Rothschild Group, Dimension Data, Energy UK, Smart Energy, WeWork and many more. Knowing that their IT systems are effectively monitored and maintained, means these organisations no longer worry about network downtime or any other IT hassle. In short, they focus on what matters: their core brand and business.

Partnering with Zhero gives you access to world-class IT heroes. Zhero’s IT heroes embody trust and reliability. They provide customers with the right IT solution, the ones perfect for their business technology needs. Getting on board with Zhero means your IT is in the right hands so you can get on with business.

If you are looking for IT solutions then please drop us a line info@wearenxtgeneration.com

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