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The digital marketing space is filled to the brim with many exciting and innovative lead generation strategies. At NXT Generation, we strive to lead the way with our creative campaigns whilst ensuring that we still respect and maintain the traditional marketing methods. In other words, we offer trustworthy marketing solutions with a modern twist.


Email marketing has been a focus of ours since our formation. We continue to run email marketing campaigns that utilize our massive database of HNW investors so that our clients can generate a variety of secure leads. On top of this, we specialise in voice qualified lead generation (with over 12 million data records to call and 25 telemarketers on the phones), content creation, landing pages, social media optimisation, and video and virtual reality production.


This is far from an exhaustive list of our services – the possibilities are endless at NXT Generation! To see more of our successful strategies and marketing methodologies, check out our Testimonials and Case Studies!




Goals, Challenges

AVIGAN’s goal was simple: raise £2.6 million in six months. To do so, AVIGAN would need to attract investors. We recognised that the company had an amazing product and a sound internal infrastructure, but it had no website, no logo and no content. Put simply, AVIGAN lacked a brand identity, which prevented the company from engaging with investors.


As such, we decided to implement a content marketing strategy to build AVIGAN’s identity, and to raise awareness of a medical product capable of transforming the world.


What really matters

Following on from an initial call and a series of questionnaires, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of the company and their ambition behind the product. We listened and observed in order to grasp what really mattered to the team, what they stood for and how they wanted AVIGAN to be recognised.


Solid foundation and concept

From this learning and subsequent creative exploration, we created a series of directions for AVIGAN’s visual identity that could support it’s values and proposition.


These directions not only acted as a base for us to build ideas on, but we had also created and developed a ‘personality’ for the product.


This meant we could start to develop and shape a vision for AVIGAN that could underpin all future actions, strategy and planning for the product.


Social Media Content

As with many social media campaigns, it was important to produce fun, engaging and concise content. We decided the best method would be to produce animated video content which would highlight the benefits of AVIGAN.


To produce this content, we designed video scripts and animated scenes to express what AVIGAN was about and how AVIGAN could help the world.


The Website

The website was compartmentalised to highlight different areas of the company. Some areas discussed the company’s history and partnerships whilst others focused on the product’s strengths and advantages over competitors.


An area of the website was also dedicated to a blog, which would provide a deeper insight into AVIGAN. Despite the pages having slightly different purposes, a central message was clear throughout: AVIGAN is revolutionary.



Kubo Invest



We heard great things about KUBO Invest and their recent successes within the industry. We got in contact with them directly, having seen some of their latest investment lead generation activity which we knew at first glance wasn’t bringing them the results that they deserved.



After a few conversations with the client, sharing extensive feedback from their current lead generation activity, NXT Generation produced a proposal, or ‘plan of action’, which detailed the methodology required to generate the highest quality leads. The main focal point of the proposal was to redesign their content creation, producing a highly responsive attractive HTML’s and a menu of exclusive investment databases for email marketing lead generation that we knew from our experience would amplify the best results.

The campaign was then agreed on and executed to our exclusive investment lists, targeting UK only homebuyers and investors.



With only a small lead generation budget our client converted a few big investment deals off our leads. Furthermore, the team at KUBO Invest named us as number 1 source for generating their investment leads going into 2021. We are now in the process of booking extensive lead generation campaigns and boosting the KUBO Invest name with social media optimisation and video marketing campaigns.



Johny and his team got in touch with us and we decided to trial their marketing services, we booked a small campaign to generate leads. We have since closed a few excellent deals!


I have been in the investment and sales industry for a number of years and was very impressed with the quality of leads! High quality leads is what we always look for and NXT delivered just that.


Johny was especially helpful in offering advice and expertise in maximising the campaign.


Looking forward to continuing working with the team in 2021.


Keep it up NXT!


Alex Nicco - CEO - KUBO Invest




Senate Shipping Lines



As a result of many recommendations and much positive feedback, the team at Senate reached out to NXT Generation in order to achieve their aim of raising millions of pounds through investments within the next year. The Senate team were interested in discovering the best method for securing investments, which is exactly what they received.



After some meticulous analysis, the team at NXT Generation decided that Senate required a sales floor to help with the lead generation process. On top of this, NXT Generation produced a proposal, or ‘plan of action’, which detailed the methodology required to generate the highest quality leads. The main focal point of the proposal was voice qualified lead generation, which led to the establishment of an engaging script for a voice qualification campaign. The script gave an insight into Senate’s history, goals, and future opportunities so that investors could gain a well-rounded understanding of the company. Throughout the campaign, many calls were conducted to pre-sell the investment opportunity to potential investors and to warm up leads.

The campaign was target at high-net-worth and sophisticated investors only. This was achieved by segregating investment data to pick out certified high-net-worth investors, and through calls made by NXT Generation’s in-house brokerage team.



As a result of the voice qualified lead generation campaign, Senate was able to consistently book between 200-300 leads per month over an extended period of time. Furthermore, the team at Senate made a number of important sales and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the investment opportunity.



When asked about the result, the team at Senate said:

“An innovative agency with fresh ideas!

We have been working with NXT Generation for over 3 years and are delighted with their service. We have been in this industry for over 10 years and have found it frustratingly difficult to find a reliable agency who can delivery results and NXT Generation did just that. We met the friendly team, they formulated a precise marketing plan to deliver the best results for our product and they executed tenaciously. We welcome their innovative marketing ideas, we have a lot of trust in their abilities to perform and we are excited for many more campaigns in the future.”



Experience Invest



Experience Invest wanted large volumes of email marketing activity going out across various publishers to promote 2 of their property developments with “Infiniti Waters” and “Imperial Square”.



The client supplied us with quality marketing material from html emails and different style landing pages. This allowed us to book as many leads as we could across various publishers. We placed 500 leads across 18 different publisher lists who worked continuously to deliver their individual quota of leads which gave the products a large amount of PR & branding.



Experience Invest received a steady flow of daily investment leads and this maintained the quality of the leads coming through. Sales increased dramatically and the client has been re-booking with throughout 2019.

NXT Gen have worked on multiple successful campaigns for Experience Invest, from Email marketing lead generation to more innovative video and social Marketing. The last campaign implemented towards the end of 2018 was social video lead generation which resulted in some great quality leads and subsequent sales.



Every time they go above and beyond to make sure our requirements are fully understood, and our products are represented in the way we want them to be. I Fully recommend Johny Pach and the team they are professional, friendly and keep working hard until they deliver the desired results.
Luke Fitzsimmons - Marketing Director, Experience Invest.




Supreme Jets



Supreme Jets was a brand new EIS Investment to the market at the beginning of the year. The client had a goal to raise over 1 million for the project and to target the wealthiest investors in the country.



We advised the client that the best way to generate to target HNW investors in the UK would be to run large email marketing campaigns. We helped to re-design their marketing material from HTML’s and landing pages, we identified the best publishers in the UK that have converted sales for similar EIS investments in the past few months and we bookED email marketing campaigns across these high performing lists. With a new investment opportunity like this it was important to give this product as much advertising as we could, so we ran the email marketing on a 6 month retainer to gain the best exposure and investment conversions.



From this activity and guidance the client was able to make their raise in a short period of time and were delighted with our service.




We have been working with Johnathan and his experienced NXT Generation team for the past 3 months and I am delighted with their service. We have completed 3 major sales on the email marketing activity, speaking to British HNW investors who are keen to learn more about our exclusive EIS investment and we have many more prospects in the pipe line. We are now pushing towards video marketing, the NXT Gen team have come up with great ideas for visual lead generation concepts, increasing our awareness for the investment and seem to have a proven video lead generation system to target UK HNW’s. We are also very happy with the partnerships NXT Generation have formed for us, they not only want to book lead generation campaigns but want to help increase our investment profile in a very competitive investment market with their experienced marketing ideas and connections.
Tola Bashir - CEO Supreme Jets




Itasca Films



Itasca Films have been working with the management of NXT Generation for over 6 years. They approached us in 2018 with a clear objective to help the raise for their new wine TV documentary film investment that was set to be aired on Netflix in 2019. The client had a raise of over £650k to complete, they wanted to target sophisticated and HNW investors who had a passion for film. The client has had its fingers burnt in the past by many failed marketing campaigns and had full trust in NXT Gen to deliver a successful marketing campaign.



NXT Gen created high quality marketing material for the client with Investment guides, html emails and landing pages. We formatted our landing pages to increase the qualification of the investor by including drop downs of “are you a sophisticated or HNW investor” and “have you invested in EIS before?”, this helped maintain the quality of the leads coming through and ultimately helping their investment conversions. We booked financial publishers within the UK who were recognisable, well known and supplied constant investment news to the industry. We also focused on lists that have converted for similar film investment opportunities in the past.



This was a very successful campaign for the client, they have been re-booking with us ever since and have raised a lot of money with our email marketing campaigns.




Itasca Films have worked with Johny Pach and his experienced team for over 6 years. We know that the investment industry can be challenging when raising investment for EIS Film opportunities but Nxt Generation have helped in making this rewarding and profitable for our organization. They seem to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new investor lead generation ideas and executes this efficiently through their large marketing network. For us, email marketing and video marketing campaigns have generated the best ROI and we are looking forward to more campaigns in the future.
Malcolm Walker - CEO Itasca Films



Hunter Jones



Hunter Jones have been working with NXT Generation for the past 2 years and they are extremely happy with our service. The CEO of Hunter Jones Reece Mennie who is a personal friend of Johnathan Pach, met up with Johny with a clear message of “what can we do to drive more in house sales for our products?”, after spending a lot on marketing campaigns and being disappointed with the minimal success.



The NXT Generation team created a direct marketing approach driven to email marketing and voice qualified lead generation campaigns. In a market where Fixed rate bonds and loan notes have recently got a lot of bad press and some companies being forced to shut down for non regulatory purposes etc. We wanted to create marketing material which was engaging, informative, highlighting regular press releases & social media content about Hunter Jones projects and to show that HJ were a fantastic company to work with and that they are all about looking after their investors with the help of their FCA regulatory status.

We selected financial lists from our exclusive pool of media owners which hadn’t been over saturated with investment bond campaigns in the past, investment lists which were converting for a variety of different property investment opportunities and focusing on more international buyers, covering the Middle East, South East Asia and all over Europe to avoid those less interested Brexit brochure hunter style investors in the UK.



This resulted in high entry sales from international HNW investors and some UK investors, we repeated the lists over a year period without oversaturating the market with the same offer but changing the marketing material every month, so that investors engaged with a fresh new offering from HJ exciting portfolio of Investment opportunities.

We added to their branding and exposure by offering complimentary placements across our publisher site Universal Real Estate News with added banners and a free investments page on the site to promote their new investment raise with Verto Homes - where they also gained organic leads from our website direct to their landing pages.

With the Brexit market having a slight effect on email marketing performance we also implemented a voice qualifying technique. Using one of our experienced investor sales floors to pre sell Hunter Jones investments to investors over the phone, warming up the leads to such a degree that when they come back to their sales reps, they are fully briefed on the investment and are virtually at a closing stage on the second call. Both systems of marketing have worked exceptionally well for Hunter Jones and this has allowed us to really help their in house investment raise and to now focus on more revolutionary ways to market to investors through TV advertising, Direct Mail and Video Marketing social re targeting lead generation.


Hunter Jones have been working with NXT Generation for the last 2 years and we very satisfied with their service. They have an eye for creativity, making our investment content look exciting and appealing to investors with micro sites / HTML’s and landing pages.
Their lead generation is second to none, they get us on the best investment lists which are exclusive to NXT Gen, the lead flow is steady and we have converted a high number of their email leads across multiple email marketing bookings. We are excited to see what NXT Generation can come up with next exploring video marketing and TV.
Reece Mennie - CEO of Hunter Jones


Infinity Waters



Generate UK and UAE leads for interest in a Liverpool based property investment.

Targeting HNW individuals who have invested in property before.

Property price is between £124,000 and £250,000.

Individuals will need to pay a 15-20% cash deposit for a medium term investment of 3-5 years.



We created a series of videos, static image and mini instant experiences for the property investment, focusing the copy on the key groups of individuals we were targeting. Including UK based adverts, men aged 24 - 34, 34 – 64, property interest, investment interest.

These are two of the teaser videos are used to generate the initial interest. Using high quality images and create animations from them. Lasting only 3 – 7 seconds.

We focused the videos on lifestyle, investment, property and luxury. Allowing us to retarget each potential target in order that they see the videos. A targeted individual who’s interest is investment, would be taken to the investment instant experience offering more details and the call-to-action to share their details to arrange a sales call.





We began by testing the audience to see how many people would take action and click on the link to drive traffic to the landing page:

Based on 156,080 impressions (the number of times that the post was seen) we received a reach of 60,679 (the number of people who saw the post) and the link clicks (specifically clicks on the links within the post to the landing page).

This shows us that from the 60k reach, people saw 2.4 of the 4 ads in total. Allowing us to target this smaller group with more of the ad spend budget.

We would then drive the call-to-action post to the re-targeted audience. It was here that we saw that the more interactive and creative ads attracted more link clicks. We received 175 link clicks before people registered their details.

This resulted in 35 leads total over the course of 5 weeks as their initial test. Out of the 35 leads they made 2 sales totaling £248,000 from a £5,000 ad spend.


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