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We create high quality illustration designs for our clients!

Why use Illustration and infographics? The human brain can visualise images better than text, in fact we process visuals 60,000 times faster. Using an illustration or infogaphic allows businesses to tell a story quickly, they can be easily shareable or social media and have the added bonus that if the data is high quality and the story is good enough then bloggers and journalist will actual link to the content from their websites.
Almost 50% of your brain is involved with visual processing and 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes, for example a road sign of falling rocks is immediately associated, but to explain the same in text takes far longer.
This can have the same affect with your sales message.

How we design illustrations and infographics 

We firstly need to understand the end goal, is it to convey a sales message, simplify the flow of information, take complex data and make it readable or even tell a story, we then gather all the data and create an initial wire frame of how it will flow from start to finish. Once this is in place we start to put visuals next to the data, this may be images, graphic or graphs and data-sets.

How much do they cost?

The cost can vary a lot depending on the end goal, simply infographic’s can cost around £300 and are typically delivered over a 48 hour period, whilst other require detailed research and can cost up to £1500 and typical are delivered within 1-3 weeks.

If you require an illustration for your project, please drop us a line info@wearenxtgeneration.com

Please see examples of our work below ..

Geocon Site Investigations

An infographic used as a content piece for a geological company showing the worlds deepest holes, this piece was used to generate press and social shares.

NXT Generation & ZHERO are providing our clients with simplified, personalised IT solutions.

Zhero business IT support: Your world-class IT heroes

We love IT! And loving IT means that Zhero delivers innovative enterprise technology solutions that are affordable, scalable and tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Zhero has been in the business of IT support for over a decade and have garnered a wealth of experience and expertise in this time. Zhero acts as a digital mentor to companies from all over the planet with practical IT strategies to accelerate core business and empower employees. Zhero are renowned for their personalised 24×7 direct-to-engineer model and customers can focus on what is important to them.

Zhero partners with Nxt Generation offering simplified, disruptive IT solutions that support their video marketing, VR, PR management, email marketing and social media services. Zhero’s around the clock monitoring of the Nxt Generation IT infrastructure means that their technology systems are secure and up-to-date at all times.

Zhero renders personalised IT solutions to the likes of Rothschild Group, Dimension Data, Energy UK, Smart Energy, WeWork and many more. Knowing that their IT systems are effectively monitored and maintained, means these organisations no longer worry about network downtime or any other IT hassle. In short, they focus on what matters: their core brand and business.

Partnering with Zhero gives you access to world-class IT heroes. Zhero’s IT heroes embody trust and reliability. They provide customers with the right IT solution, the ones perfect for their business technology needs. Getting on board with Zhero means your IT is in the right hands so you can get on with business.

If you are looking for IT solutions then please drop us a line info@wearenxtgeneration.com

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