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Real Estate Investment Lead Generation

At NXT Generation LLC, we provide our clients with a wide array of unique solutions to help them generate global real estate investment leads. It’s a well-established fact that generating real estate investment leads can be difficult and time-consuming. According to investigators, over 50% of marketing professionals commit at least half of their budget to lead generation. To combat this challenge, our lead generation operations follow a straightforward formula, which is sure to provide you with quality and reliable real estate investment leads in an inexpensive and economical manner.

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The best way to generate leads in the real estate market!

According to research conducted by Savills, the United States accounted for 11% of the world’s residential retail value in 2020 (placing the nation a few percentage points behind China). What does this suggest about the USA’s housing market? Lots of things. Most importantly, though, it highlights the strength and size of the United States’ real estate market. Given its strength and size, the United States’ real estate market constitutes one of the most competitive markets around the world.

One way to stay on top of the large number of competitors in the real estate world is by optimizing your real estate marketing strategies. At NXT Generation, we specialise in real estate marketing campaigns of all sizes. We utilize a variety of tried and tested techniques, in order to produce the best results for you. In this blog, we’d like to share a few of our top tips for marketing your real estate opportunities so that you can increase your chances of success.

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Property Wire

Property Wire

Nxt Generation are building partnerships every day and have now managed to gain exclusivity on the Property Wire GDPR list

Property Wire is an online channel which focuses on news from both the residential and commercial real estate sectors. We at NXT Generation have been working closely with Property Wire for over 8 years, in which time we have sold many subscriptions for property guides to international property clients. We have recently acquired exclusivity on their investment list for all email marketing. To celebrate this partnership we would like to explain the work of Property Wire, and explore what we hope to achieve in the future.

Property Wire aim to provide readers with the richest collection of news articles pertaining to fields such as real estate, property development or construction. Their team of writers and journalists, who specialize in the real estate market, provide daily updates on the property world – they provide particularly good analysis about investing in property. It is no surprise, therefore, that Property Wire is becoming one of the frontrunners when it comes to news about the real estate market. A really special thing about Property Wire is their guides. They offer guides which can inform clients on a wide range of investment opportunities, such as the best way to buy at an auction, or advice about international investment (particularly in the United States).

With the help of Property Wire we are looking to provide clients with new property guides, as well as excellent marketing ideas. Moreover, we are hoping to run events for our clients which will allow them to network with other people in the real estate industry. An example of one of these events is the Property Wire Awards 2018; for more information on this event visit www.propertywire.com

Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship By Investment

The main grounds for obtaining citizenship are birth within the requisite territory, descent from a citizen parent, marriage to a citizen and naturalization. The first three are rather self-explanatory, however the definition of naturalization is unclear; it is the legal process by which a non-citizen acquires their citizenship. However, there is now an alternative method of acquiring citizenship and it is called citizenship-by-investment. Essentially, it is a program that offers one the opportunity to legally (and quickly) secure citizenship by investing in the interests of a Nation State. Sources suggest that there are currently only seven nations that offer a  citizenship-by-investment scheme. One of these nations is Cyprus.

Aristo developers are a well-known property development company in Cyprus who offer/support the citizenship-by-investment program. They currently have 250 offers island wide, as well as 50 new projects that are entering the market. The scheme in Cyprus requires investors to buy property worth €2 million in order to gain citizenship. Moreover, there are many benefits to such a system. For example, it does not require residency (one must merely visit Cyprus once every seven years). Furthermore, it allows one to acquire voting rights and to pass on citizenship to future generations since it is valid for life. In sum, the citizenship-by-investment scheme seems to be a hassle-free method of acquiring citizenship in another country.

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