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We win “Award of Excellence” from “South East Star” Magazine!

It’s been a fantastic year and we are so grateful for the recognition from “South East Star” magazine and our special award for AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2020.



Special thanks to my NXT Generation team, Rahul Sheemar Roger Weavers Neil Walker Brian Statham Aaron Carty Olly Walker Jez Cuckow Loretta Sheridan for your amazing hard work in these uncertain times.

Special thanks to “South East Star” magazine for the “Award of Excellence”.

Please check out our latest interview here – https://lnkd.in/dg2PGTf





A minute of animated video is worth 1.8Million words

It is sometimes quite fun to reflect upon things that we did as children. One thing that many of us will have done is watched cartoons. Whether it was Rugrats, SpongeBob, or Rick and Morty, almost all of us have connected with an animated show on some level. Given this nostalgia for animated content, it seems useful to implement animation in one’s marketing strategy. One of the best ways to do this is through animated video content. Let us, therefore, briefly explore the benefits of animated video content.

First and foremost, animated video content is beneficial because it allows you to tell a story. Cartoons often feature a main character – it can be a person, an animal, or an object – with whom the audience can resonate. If you can tell your story through this character, and if this character can reflect your brand, you will increase your chances of expanding your business. Moreover, you improve your chances of building a rapport with your audience.


Animated content is also really useful because it can be used across a multiplicity of platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. This means that you’ll be expanding your reach, which is likely to attract a variety of new consumers. With that being said, it is important that your animate content is designed according to the trends on each platform, so that it doesn’t appear out of place.


These are just a few of the benefits of animated video content. If you want to expand your brand, we highly recommend investing in animated video content. It is, in our opinion, one of the best ways to reach a consumer’s heart, and it’ll ensure that you stand out from the competition!

The importance of ARMM within content marketing development

Human beings are well-known for their interest in aesthetics. We are often concerned with how things look and are renowned for favoring something that looks good. More often than not, if we deem something unpleasant to look at, we end up disliking it. Though this phenomenon exists among all humans, few understand why it occurs. It is, nonetheless, important for marketing enthusiasts to understand this, because it will affect their future strategies. Let us, therefore, briefly explore the science of design by looking at website and logo creation.

When it comes to designing your website or logo, you will want to remember this acronym – ARMM. This acronym stands for attention, response, meaning, and memory. Each letter of the acronym encapsulates what your website or logo design should be like. Firstly, your design should catch the attention of the audience. In doing so, you are more likely to attract more consumers, which’ll help you to grow. Once you’ve caught a consumer’s attention, your design ought to evoke a desired emotional response within a consumer. By doing so, your logo or website will hold a special place within the consumer’s mind (and heart)!


If you succeed in getting an emotional response, the next thing you’ll want is for the consumer to understand the meaning of your brand. This is quite a tricky thing to do, but you must try to ensure that the design of the logo reflects your company image. More often than not, you’ll want the logo to reflect your company’s creative, sleek, and relaxed nature. If you do this, you ought to be able to complete the final piece of the acronym – you’ll stick in the consumer’s memory!

NXT Generation are exclusive partners of the first ever financial comparison site for investments!


We have been working with YIF for the past 6 months, helping to grow and develop their system which is a one of its kind comparison site for property and alternative investment products.

“Why is finding the right investment so time-consuming?”

“How do you pick the right product?”

“Why can’t things be simplified?”

These are the questions which the founders of Your Investment Finder Ltd had heard for many years, and as two like-minded individuals we asked ourselves “Why is there no fully inclusive, investment comparison website like there are for cars, insurance and phones etc.?”

From this conversation, Your Investment Finder was born. Our journey to create a website where you, the investor, could find an array of investment opportunities under one roof, resulted in us building the world’s first fully inclusive investment comparison platform, which allows an investor to search and compare investments that suit his or her individual investment criteria.


With over thirty years of experience managing, marketing, and promoting global investment products, we were well placed to bring a platform to the market which gives you a choice and provides a comparative, simple, and secure vehicle to find your latest investment.

We want our customers to have a choice and to be able to reach investment opportunities across the globe, as well as in their own markets.

Our global marketing and relationship reach, coupled with a track record of providing original, sustainable, and rewarding investment products mean that Your Investment Finder is the leading investment comparison platform, where we are dedicated to providing the best opportunities for you, the investor.

If you are looking to list your investment products onto our platform, please email johny@wearenxtgeneration.com for more information. Please view our 1 page below with more information in how you can get involved with YIF today.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!.




Johnathan Pach

CEO & Founder




Email : johny@wearenxtgeneration.com

Phone : 0203 933 8354

Mobile : +44 7543 183 400



What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Pat Flynn, “affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products”. This definition is very straight forward, but it still gives a good insight into the discipline of affiliate marketing. This is a discipline which continues to change slightly, as the times change, just like all other areas of marketing. It is also an area of marketing which has been affected by COVID-19, but not all of the effects of COVID-19 have been negative. Affiliate marketing has managed to survive, and even thrive, during these difficult times. Let us, therefore, briefly explore how affiliate marketing has been affected by COVID-19.

Affiliate marketing has survived during the pandemic because many affiliates are versatile. This means that they have been able to transition their marketing strategies towards goods and services that are currently under high demand. Many affiliates have, for example, shifted their interest towards the domain of online retail, in order to ensure that they continue to gain commission whenever a consumer decides to buy.

This method of marketing has survived because the message towards consumers has been one with which they connect. People who are involved in the world of affiliate marketing have done their best to connect with their audiences during these difficult times, which has meant that they’ve still been able to make money. Their strategies would’ve been no good if they had been cold hearted, even if they were marketing products that are currently being sought after.

In essence, affiliate marketing has remained somewhat strong due to the flexibility of people involved in the discipline. This is a lesson that many affiliate marketers can learn from for the future, which should hopefully boost their chances of future success.

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