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What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Pat Flynn, “affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products”. This definition is very straight forward, but it still gives a good insight into the discipline of affiliate marketing. This is a discipline which continues to change slightly, as the times change, just like all other areas of marketing. It is also an area of marketing which has been affected by COVID-19, but not all of the effects of COVID-19 have been negative. Affiliate marketing has managed to survive, and even thrive, during these difficult times. Let us, therefore, briefly explore how affiliate marketing has been affected by COVID-19.

Affiliate marketing has survived during the pandemic because many affiliates are versatile. This means that they have been able to transition their marketing strategies towards goods and services that are currently under high demand. Many affiliates have, for example, shifted their interest towards the domain of online retail, in order to ensure that they continue to gain commission whenever a consumer decides to buy.

This method of marketing has survived because the message towards consumers has been one with which they connect. People who are involved in the world of affiliate marketing have done their best to connect with their audiences during these difficult times, which has meant that they’ve still been able to make money. Their strategies would’ve been no good if they had been cold hearted, even if they were marketing products that are currently being sought after.

In essence, affiliate marketing has remained somewhat strong due to the flexibility of people involved in the discipline. This is a lesson that many affiliate marketers can learn from for the future, which should hopefully boost their chances of future success.

NXT Generation wins the Corporate Vision award for “Best Global Investment Lead Generation Agency of the Year 2020”.

We are so happy to receive the award from Corporate Vision Magazine for “Best Global Investment Lead Generation Agency of the year 2020”.

We were delighted to be interviewed by the well established Corporate Vision Magazine about what the future holds for NXT Generation going into 2021.

The full interview is available below.

My company, NXT Generation, is just under three years old. We are currently based in London, but will soon be expanding the company via new offices in Los Angeles. With over fifteen years of experience in the world of marketing and lead generation, I decided to found NXT Generation, in order to work with high-quality clients. As a company, we help clients to strategically plan their marketing campaigns, ensuring that their expenditure is always spot on. We place a large emphasis on lead generation and tend to work with clients in the real estate industry, alternative investment industry, and trading sector.

Our lead generation strategy draws on a multiplicity of marketing methods. We like to work closely with financial publishers on a cost per lead basis. On top of this, we have access to over 75 lists globally, 22 of which are exclusive to my company. We also have our own list with Universal Real Estate News, a real-estate news portal created by us. Part of our strategy involves creating HTMLs and landing pages surrounding a client’s products, which we send out to investors around the globe.

Additionally, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to email marketing and voice qualified leads. Our team is well-known for producing excellent calling scripts which we use to warm up investors from all walks of life. As well as these two forms of marketing, we have a strong PPC marketing capacity and specialise in content creation. We are renowned for creating excellent websites and top-quality video content through live streams, drone footage and more.

As a company, we value our team’s experience. We use this to achieve the best leads possible. A lot of the time this requires us to go above and beyond our client’s needs, but we are always willing to do this so that we can help our clients to succeed. I guess this is because we also value hard work, determination, and creativity. As the CEO of NXT Generation, I am proud to say that we have been able to maintain this values since our establishment.

Within the media industry, we provide a wide variety of services. Our services include email marketing, video marketing, social media optimisation, virtual reality, PR Management, TV Advertising, Events Management, Voice Qualified Leads, Content Creation, Direct Mail, Influencer Marketing, Web Design & Development, App Development, PPC Lead Generation, Podcast Marketing, Real Estate Investor Leads, Will Writing Leads, and PPE!

As a company, one of our major partnerships was with eToro, a global FX trading company. We helped them through our email marketing services, and it was great to build a good relationship with them over many years. On top of this, we are currently working with the biggest real estate companies globally with DAMAC, CLARK, Emmar, Dubai Properties, Experience Invest, The High Street Group, HJ Collection, Lloyd Jones LLC to name a few, in order to generate high quality voice qualified leads and to improve their email marketing strategy. We also work directly with Airbnb, Prudential, David Lloyd, DW Fitness First, Fuzzy Brush and MONEYBET in order to improve their long-term marketing strategies through video marketing social re-targeting lead generation, PR Management and voice qualified leads. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the aforementioned clients, because each of them has allowed us to enhance an aspect of our own marketing services. As a company that is ever-learning, these experiences have been highly valuable.


Our approach is very simple. It often starts with a face-to-face meeting (obviously, this has been difficult during isolation), which allows us to get to know the client, the client’s company, and the client’s goals. We also like to discuss a client’s marketing history. We want to know what has worked in the past, and what hasn’t. We really take our time to fully understand the client’s needs, because we believe this’ll allow us to work smoothly in the long-term.

Of course, we also like to tell clients about ourselves, in order to reassure them that they’re in safe hands. We like to start small with new clients, because we do not believe in rushing. By starting small, we can prove just how good we are, which we hope will allow us to secure larger campaigns with clients in future.

Our approach is very holistic. Of course, we are great at generating leads, but we like to ensure that a client’s website or social media accounts, for example, are all in check too! We believe that a holistic approach will ensure that a client’s company is fully optimised. After all, we are always wanting to help our clients as much as possible, and our holistic approach allows us to do this.

I think that our approach is what differentiates us from competitors. We aren’t just interested in making money – we genuinely want to help our clients, and we want to build good relationships, so we are willing to take our time. Unlike your typical marketing agency, we are fully-involved, and always concerned about our client’s thoughts and feelings. On top of our approach, our exclusive lists and in-house team also place us above our competitors, as they mean that we can offer the full package!

To aid our clients further, we also like to help them with recruitment. If, for example, their sales team is not so strong, we are able to help them build that team through our specialist recruitment process. Moreover, we are always innovating within the industry, and we believe that this sets us apart from the competitors. Our highly innovative PR Management strategies, for example, allow us to build a client’s brand in a creative and forward-thinking manner.


As I mentioned earlier, NXT Generation is all about learning. Our team is always improving its knowledge of the industry via research, discussions, and events, for example. This emphasis on learning, in my opinion, is what enables us to remain at the forefront of emerging trends. Without a focus on learning, it is easy to get left behind, which is why we ensure that our staff are always researching.

It is important for us to stay ahead of any developments, because we do consider ourselves to be an innovative company. That is why we push ourselves to be as creative as possible, so that we can set the pace within the market. One example of this has been our approach to content creation. By utilizing the latest VR technology, we have created marketing strategies unlike any other. In this case, we were able to use our knowledge of a relatively new phenomenon, and apply it in an innovative manner.

At NXT Generation, we are really focused on creating the best culture possible. We believe that a good internal culture is the key to success, because it ensures company-wide wellbeing. Our culture is very much centred on innovation and creation. We inspire our staff to think critically about the world of marketing, so that they create innovative marketing solutions. Our culture has good room for failure, because it is a natural part of the human condition (especially when innovating). We do, however, like to make sure we reflect on our mistakes, as well as our success, so that our whole company is firing.

When it comes to recruitment, we are all about finding young talent. We want to sustain our brand and build for the future. The best way to do this is through young, motivated, innovative, and creative individuals. We recruit people who can add a different flavour to our brand. We are, for example, always looking for people who can generate leads in a different way, or people who can create a brand-new style of content.

One example of this is our new Content Producer, Rahul Sheemar. Having worked for us in the past, Rahul has recently become an official member of the team. His impact on the brand became apparent immediately because he was willing to work his socks off and keen to help the brand grow. Since joining the team, Rahul has worked on a wide range of tasks, including web content creation, blog writing, podcast production, and much more. He has also helped us to build for the future by writing on topics like AI marketing and virtual reality. He is, in our eyes, a prime example of a hungry and inventive individual.

When it comes to brand image, we want to embody our values. That is why our brand image is creative, as you’ll see from our logo and website. We like to think of a visit to our website as a dreamlike journey, an experience that is unlike any other, and that has a magical air to it. Our brand image is also defined by trust, which we embody through our testimonials and Trustpilot reviews. As a brand, we are not afraid to be proud of our success. We do so, however, in a humble manner, which reflects the strong familial nature of NXT Generation.

Moving forward, NXT Generation is looking to expand its operation. The UK team will continue to run, but I will be moving to Los Angeles in order to build the team in the USA. With America being such a big advertising hub, we are looking to work with high-profile clients on their lead generation and marketing strategies. One area that we’ll focus closely on is TV advertising, because it is particularly popular in America. With my background in TV Presenting, TV advertising really excites me, and I am looking forward to working with my video team to book prime-time TV slots on networks such as ABC, CNBC, and Bloomberg!

On top of TV advertising, we’ll be working on many more social media marketing campaigns. With my social media optimisation team, we will be helping clients to build their presence on major platforms. We will also be taking our voice qualified lead generation approach to America.

The global pandemic has majorly shifted our lives. In the world of marketing, COVID-19 has meant that more people have been exposed to our campaigns, so we have been able to succeed. We have generated more leads during this time. Also, our open and click-through rates have increased, because people are at home consuming our content. Throughout the pandemic, we have also tried to generate more voice qualified leads. As a brand, we are proud to be the top Google search associated with voice qualified leads, which is the result of our work during these tricky times.

Podcast marketing is something that we advise our clients to pursue. We believe that each company should develop their own engaging podcast, and we are able to help company’s to do this. We offer our services at every step of the podcast’s journey, because we think that a podcast truly shines a professional light on a company. In fact, we have our own podcast – The Johny Pach Show. This show covers real estate opportunities, investment, marketing & lead generation, and spiritual wellbeing.

With marketing being an ever-changing discipline, we think it is always vital to keep an eye out for the latest trends. As of late, podcast marketing has been a popular thing, and we are sure that it will develop alongside many other new and innovative marketing methods. If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone working in marketing, it would be to have fun. This is the best way to generate good leads, create a good culture, and design a company for the future!


AI is taking over the Advertising world!

It is very clear that marketing is an ever-changing discipline. As technology develops and tastes change, the marketing world will also be altered. Of course, the fundamentals of marketing are likely to remain in place, but this doesn’t mean that other components of marketing will fail to see change. One area of marketing that has seen change over recent years is advertising. The strategies deployed by firms when it comes to advertising have changed with the times, as more and more firms have started to use artificial intelligence in order to advertise. With this in mind, let us briefly explore how AI can be used in advertising and some of the benefits of using AI when advertising.

Artificial intelligence can be used, when advertising, as a means to getting the attention of your target audience. Specific programs and software can be put into place in order to personalize a consumer’s ads based on their searches or recent purchases. This means that when a consumer searches for products that your company may sell, the AI software will advertise your products to said, consumer. Evidently, the benefit of this approach is that it means that your site can generate more traffic, and that you can increase sales and lead generation.


AI is also beneficial for advertisement because it allows you to better understand consumer habits. By understanding a consumer’s habits, you can tailor the message of your ads to match the wants of the consumer. Moreover, AI can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency, since the technology learns rapidly from the data with which it is supplied, thus allowing it to produce speedy results.


In essence, AI can help you to boost sales because it allows you to be on top of your advertising. It will be interesting to see the future of AI, and whether AI will completely take over the world of advertising and marketing.

Email open rates have consistently maintained growth during COVID, reaching a high of 27%!

Email marketing, the practice of sending various kinds of content to subscribers via email, has been rather popular for a long time. More and more people have access to an email account, and more and more people are consuming content and subscribing to newsletters, which means that email marketing will continue to grow. This has particularly been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, many people have been forced to stay at home, leaving them unable to work or go out. Though this has been catastrophic for the vast majority of sectors, email marketing has grown as a result of the pandemic. Let us briefly explore how this happened.

Email open rates have consistently maintained growth since the COVID period started, reaching a high of 27% the week of April 27 – about 16% higher than the previous week, according to new research.


AS a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brands have increased their use of email marketing in order to make customers aware of how they are tackling the virus. Many emails have been sent out regarding shipping or availability of products, for example, which has led to consumers being more actively aware of the brands they love. The brands have sent out emails in order to ensure that consumers have the brand at the forefront of their minds, which has certainly been the case for some people.

According to some sources, 44% more emails have been sent out during the pandemic. This is all well and good, but the emails are only effective if they are relevant and written in the correct manner. Of course, this has been a time of much hardship and sorrow, so brands must be aware of this and their emails ought to reflect the experiences of the people. By doing so, brands are better able to connect with consumers, generate leads, and increase sales.


It will be interesting to see how email marketing changes once the pandemic declines further. It is, in the eyes of some people, one of the most reliable marketing strategies, so it would not be unlikely to see it grow further. As always, only time will tell.

This is what we do!

Accredited Investor Leads

At NXT Generation, we are renowned for providing accredited investor leads. We are known for being trustworthy and reliable – investment brokerages can always count on us to deliver. As a well-respected figure within the financial industry, we are always looking to improve ourselves so that we can help you achieve your goals.

How We Work

We use a multitude of strategies to generate accredited investor leads. We like to tailor our strategies to the budget of our clients so that we can offer an affordable service. Quite often, we use platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google because these prove to be excellent platforms for online marketing. We also specialize in email marketing and video marketing.


Our Reputation

As aforementioned, we are known to be trustworthy and reliable. We always understand the needs of our clients and are not afraid to arrange further consultations if they are deemed necessary. Our main aim is to build lasting relationships with brokerages, whilst providing leads on a monthly basis. Our staff are well-trained experts, which allows us to work with big businesses from a wide variety of locations. We want to be known as the frontrunners in the lead generation industry, so we strive to set the bar as high as possible.



The Starting Point

We like to start by discussing your requirements and business goals. This gives us a good picture of your company, which enables us to design a strategy that will fit your needs. Our personable staff will make you feel very comfortable, so we can ensure that things will run smoothly from the outset. Just get in touch with us through our website, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Guarantee

Brokerages could slave away through in-house lead generation, but this would mean slow progress. That is why we guarantee brokerages that we provide an efficient service, which will help them to save costs and increase their returns through our accredited investor leads.

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