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Why Marketers Should Integrate Video Marketing Into Their Content Strategy

Conventional strategies of marketing content are no longer relevant and effective today. This can be attributed to changes in Google algorithms that accord importance to the user engagement content is driving. Resultantly, fun, witty, and visually appealing content takes precedence over long forms of drab textual content. Social media platforms, too, are instrumental in bringing about this change. Reels on Instagram or auto-playing short videos on Facebook, for example, are capturing the attention of online audiences like never before. Video content, in a nutshell, has taken the internet by storm and is here to stay for a long time.

Video marketing is becoming an inalienable part of content strategy for advertisement purposes because videos have proved their efficacy in sparking the curiosity and interest of potential customers. Videos engage audiences, cater to their short attention spans, and make them commit to your brand’s call to action better than other content formats.

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A minute of animated video is worth 1.8Million words

It is sometimes quite fun to reflect upon things that we did as children. One thing that many of us will have done is watched cartoons. Whether it was Rugrats, SpongeBob, or Rick and Morty, almost all of us have connected with an animated show on some level. Given this nostalgia for animated content, it seems useful to implement animation in one’s marketing strategy. One of the best ways to do this is through animated video content. Let us, therefore, briefly explore the benefits of animated video content.

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The importance of video marketing and presenter led video content!

The Importance of Video Marketing & Presenter-led Content

There has been a surge in video-orientated marketing strategies over the past few years. Really, this is not surprising, particularly if one was to considering the statistics. On average 55% of people view online videos a day. Moreover, 59% of executives say that they would rather watch a video than read a chunk of text. It is important, therefore, to have well directed video content. We at NXT Generation think that it is vital to use video marketing strategies; not only do we promote video content, but we also emphasise the importance of presenter-led content, since it is an effective way of getting across your message.



In order to generate as many leads as possible, it is important to get across your message clearly and concisely. Therefore, if you are using presenter-led video strategies, ensure that they are concise and simple. In doing so, you can ensure that your targeted audience retain as much information from your content as possible. Furthermore, by producing simple, yet effective content, one is able to attract the attention of a wide variety of consumers all of whom should be able to understand your premises. In this day and age, everyone firm is using professional presenters to get their message across. It is imperative, therefore, for your firm to do the same – only then will you be able to compete and generate the leads that you desire. In sum, when using video marketing make sure that your message is clear and concise. Also, never underestimate the importance of a good presenter, since they can add the flair and tenacity that your business may need!




We are creating immersive 360 video content for our clients!

We are creating immersive 360 video content for our clients!

360-degree video is growing as a tool for marketing campaigns because it allows clients to immerse themselves within the experience rather than being a passive viewer. By doing so, firms produce a real experience that their consumers cannot ignore- they are able to empathise and emote with what they are seeing. We at NXT Generation are working hard with Carve Productions to create immersive high quality videos for our clients. Thus, we would like to explore the world of 360 video marketing.

Large firms such as Facebook, Youtube and Google have all taken a leap into making 360-degree videos. By doing so, they allow their viewers to see the video from all angles simply by swiping around the screen or by tilting their device in a different direction. Simple, yet effective, this strategy allows their clients to be fully involved in their experience, therefore increasing their active awareness of the thing that they are seeing.

The production of these videos is relatively simple; all it requires is a device that can film 360 degrees, or multiple cameras to film each area. The Ricoh Theta S, for example, is a device that allows one to record high quality 360-degree videos. It is relatively well-priced in comparison to most recording devices, hence making it an excellent option.

NXT Generation are at the forefront of marketing technology, which allows us to offer a wide variety of experiences to our clients. 360-degree videos are just one of the many marketing strategies that we are able to implement.

Please check out what we have been up to here – https://youtu.be/qHvHPdRJ4PU

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The Importance of Video Marketing

The Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing is huge right now. According to a recent report, conducted by HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers prefer to see videos from their favourite business over any other type of content. It seems fair to say, therefore, that it’s important for a firm to have a strategy when it comes to uploading videos on social media. According to Gary Vaynerchuk ‘the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video.’ We at NXT Generation are strong advocates of Mr Vaynerchuk’s approach and currently utilise video marketing within our campaigns with the help of Carve Productions.

We currently offer our clients the opportunity to advertise their business through videos on Facebook. By posting video ads on Facebook, one is able to reach an enormous amount of consumers. Facebook currently place a large weight on videos, so by natively posting a video onto one’s business profile one is able to reach a large number of people within one’s own community. We currently deliver more than 500 link clicks per day, which allows one to increase the publicity of one’s own brand whilst also being able to look at competitor analysis data. Such is the way of Gary Vaynerchuk – a man who is arguably one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the modern day. His method of video marketing allows one to create a profile that is smart, relevant and easily accessible. It will be interesting to see how firms implement his winning formula into their marketing campaigns and whether they too can reap such rewards.

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