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The development of virtual reality has, and will continue to have, a profound effect on the world of marketing. Virtual reality has allowed consumers to have a personal (yet artificially simulated) experience of those products which they are potentially going to purchase, thereby giving them a better understanding of what said products are like. This could be seen in the housing market, for example, since consumers have the ability to take virtual tours of properties which they may desire to purchase. In the future the same could be said for a whole multitude of industries. 

There are a number of benefits which have arisen thanks to virtual reality and “smart technology”. The single-most important thing is that consumers can have easier access to goods and services which they potentially want to use or buy. This easier access makes consumers far more likely to return to those firms who offer it, therefore it is recommended that firm-owners look into the possibility of implementing virtual reality – or other such methods of “smart technology” such as Alexa – into their marketing strategies. Moreover, VR (and other such augmented reality systems) allow international clients to experience the services that you and your firm may be offering. It is wise, therefore, to explore the realms of virtual reality if you are looking to attract the attention of international clients in an efficient, yet effective, manner. 

In sum, the benefits of virtual reality are enormous. It allows for efficient marketing strategies which can access a wide range of potential clients. It is, therefore, something which we at NXT Generation recommend, if you are looking to grow your business. 



Check out our VR / 360 video demonstration!

Check out our VR / 360 video demonstration!

NXT Generation and our partners Carve Productions are creating exciting, immersive 360 / VR video content for our client.

360-degree video is growing as a tool for marketing campaigns because it allows clients to immerse themselves within the experience rather than being a passive viewer. By doing so, firms produce a real experience that their consumers cannot ignore- they are able to empathize and emote with what they are seeing. We at NXT Generation are working hard with Carve Productions to create immersive high quality videos for our clients. Thus, we would like to explore the world of 360 video marketing.

This is the perfect marketing tool for our clients, it can be a presenter led video educating consumers / investors about their product with the option of watching the video in a complete 360 format and we can also use this style of video content to generate quality leads through social media re-targeting using Facebook and Instagram.

Wouldn’t it be excellent to send a VR unit to an investors home address with the download link of the video presentation  available on your mobile or desktop and an investor can enjoy the presentation of the new investment opportunity in the comfort of their own living room.

Please check out our 360 / VR demo video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyPOzhnVFW0&feature=youtu.be

Please drop us a line if you are interested in this style of video marketing for your product and company – info@wearenxtgeneration.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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NXT Gen team.

Nxt Generation focusing on new Hollywood marketing partnerships

Nxt Generation focusing on new Hollywood marketing partnerships

It is fair to say that American firms are a step ahead of UK firms, particularly due to their excellent use of technology. Companies such as Hologram USA and Vortex Immersion Media are the frontrunners of marketing technology. They promote their events in a widely accessible and highly entertaining manner, therefore allowing them to gain a large number of clients. Following a meeting with the two companies, we at NXT Generation feel that you ought to know how these firms function so that you too can get one step ahead of your competitors.

Hologram USA have put their own spin on the way in which people can communicate and view live events. They offer cutting edge holographic technology to allow customers to experience their events in a whole new way. Innovative and dynamic, Hologram USA offer sporting, educational and political events through their ingenious technology. These guys are able to offer live experiences anywhere. That is what makes them so popular.

Vortex Immersion Media offer live 360 entertainment, such as concerts or corporate events. VIM have produced hundreds of events in their immersion domes which can house up to 5000 people. Their vortex domes, located in Los Angeles, are a hub for a wide range of arts and entertaining productions. Moreover, they have recently introduced immersive education; this is becoming extremely popular with children, since they can truly enjoy learning. VIM’s idea is wonderful and we are fully supportive of the work that they do.

So, there are two examples of American companies who are using immersive technology to market events and education. This is becoming extremely popular, and useful for children, as it allows people to thoroughly enjoy what they are doing. Holograms and 360 events are the future. UK firms ought to invest in order to catch up with their American competitors.

VR – Virtual Reality

VR – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, known to most as VR, has really taken the technological world by storm over the past few years. Most of us would have seen it used by gaming or entertainment companies to well and truly ‘bring things to life’. The common image that springs to mind is a user who is immersed in the world of the dinosaurs, with a few pterodactyls to his left and a triceratops to his right. However, firms are now looking for more innovative ways to integrate VR into the work that they do, in order to generate more commercial activity. We at NXT Generation Marketing are doing just that.

We currently offer VR opportunities for clients in the areas of property investment, luxury vehicle testing and art exhibition sampling (just to name a few). For example, a client with a busy schedule may wish to view a property and they can do just that in a matter of minutes. All they must do is put on the VR headset and they can ‘roam’ around the property, without having the hassle of travelling and locating the premises. The same can apply to art viewing or car testing; one must merely put the device on their head and the rest is rather straightforward. These are just a few of the applications of virtual reality in the marketing world. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, in particular, it will be fascinating to see the next step that VR will take in the world of commerce.

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