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When it comes to marketing campaigns, it is easy to spend thousands in order to get your business in front of the right target audience. Many view this as the final aim of a campaign. This, however, is not true. If your advertisement campaign, email or landing page fails to compel your audience to take the next step, then you have simply wasted your marketing spend.


At NXT Generation, our content creation team is dedicated to ensuring that consumers are compelled by your company. With over 18 years of experience in design & development, UX & usability, and conversion optimisation, we create content that makes consumers want more! We create highly responsive HTML emails which are tested through various email campaigns. This ensures that your emails never fail to land in a consumer’s inbox, thereby moving them one step closer to effective action.


Our content team is also well-versed in the best practices for landing pages. We understand the importance of an elegant, simple, and well-designed contact form that will easily secure each lead. On top of this, we recognise the value of standout headlines and compelling text.


We can also help with marketing collateral, brochures, banners and flyers (digital and print). We highly recommend exploring these options because it’s important to maintain a consistent message across all marketing channels!

Are your email designs responsive?

We ensure our email campaigns are coded and strictly tested on multiple devices before they are launched.


How do you track leads?

All leads are sent to a database and then segmented for each client. We believe that no lead should be missed!


Are your PDF brochures print-ready?

All of our brochures are designed print-ready with bleed and crop marks to be sent straight to the printers.


Are your landing pages Mobile-friendly?

We understand how the web has changed over the last 10 years and have adopted Google's own stance of 'mobile first'. To work in accordance with this stance, our landing pages are developed with smartphones as the primary device (and desktops secondary).

Examples of

HTML Mailers

Examples of

PDF Brochures


Investors Guide

Weight Loss

Select Property




OB Dubai




Centurion Capital Management



Cloud Summit

Augmentum Capital

Exceed Equine

Pro AK

SSV Capital

Strictly Money



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