Direct Mail, Print and Postage Solutions

NXT Generation can provide offer a wide range of mailing solutions saving you time and money on print, fulfilment and bulk mail postage solutions, all aspects of personalised mail, envelope and poly machine enclosing, data processing.
NXT Generation can deliver full campaign management regardless of the volume you require using the latest print and enclosing technology, with mailing capabilities ranging from 500 to 1,000,000.
Here at NXT Generation we can offer the following services:
Campaign Management and Planning – Offering a wide-range of mailing solutions we can create a customised package, suited to your requirements.
Personalisation – Personalised direct mail dramatically improves customer engagement and ROI.
Fast Turnaround Fulfilment – Using the latest fulfilment technology means no job is too big or too small, whatever your lead-times.

Print Solutions and Procurement

Here at NXT Generation we can offer a wide range of printing solutions including, digital, heat set web offset, promotional game pieces, sheet-fed litho, large format, promotional POS and signage.  Our long-standing relationships with our print suppliers and major paper companies means we can deliver high quality print across all sectors.   On time and more importantly, on budget.

UK and International Postage Services

NXT Generation work with some of the leading postal providers in the UK and Internationally so we can offer some of the most competitive postal rates in the market.

Data services – Here at NXT Generation we can offer Free Data Audit Health Check Service which identifies the following:

·       Identify the number of duplicates at different levels (Individual / Surname / Address)

·       Identify How many Deceased records are in the data?

·       Identify how many have Moved and a New Address is available

·       Identify how many have Moved with no forwarding address

·       Identify if a Business has Moved or Ceased Trading

Direct Mail Services:

·      In house Creative Designers

·      Data Services - Mailsort to achieve the lowest postage rates, MPS, data transfer, Data preparation for Royal Mail and DSA Carriers

·      High speed Inserting machines with 6 stations (C6 to C4) and up to 4-way camera matching - Capacity up to 15,000 packs per hour

·      Hand Enclosing

·      Polywrapping machines – Offering recycled and Biodegradable Polywrap

·      Printing Services – Digital Mono and Colour, variable and data image printing, Laser Printing, Inkjet Printing and digital foiling.

·      Finishing - Creasing and scoring, guillotining, booklet making and stitching, square back binding, laminating, hole drilling, folding and perforating.

·      Print management – offering a wide range of print solutions including high quality digital print, heatset web offset, promotional game pieces, sheet-fed litho, large format, promotional POS, signage plus we can source specialist paper stocks from various paper mills.

·      Personalised Direct Mail Campaigns

·      Returns Management

·      UK and International Postage

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Find out more about why you should be using direct mail solutions 
Pros & Cons of Direct Mail

Here are some statistics for you, which will hopefully give you a greater insight into the pros and cons of between Direct Mail, Email and SMS communications with consumers.

Many marketers are seeing a U turn in the way people are responding to email and electronic marketing campaigns and many businesses are going back to what some may call a simpler time where direct mail was the number one choice for communication and advertising.


⇒  The classic, one-to-one marketing channel, with a long history of proven results

⇒  79% of people have a provoked reaction to a Direct mail piece

⇒ Established communities of creatives and strategists for marketers to draw on

⇒ 70% of recipients act on Direct Mail immediately

⇒ High response and conversion rates of around 4.4%

⇒ Less mailbox competition - your customer’s doormat will not be bombarded with the latest deals and adverts in the same way their inbox will, meaning that your direct mail piece will have more impact

⇒ Easy to monitor results and returns meaning your data can be kept up to date

⇒ Under GDPR regs, ONLY postal has been opened up to “legitimate interest


⇒ Can be expensive, with higher production and mailing costs than online media.

⇒ List management is harder than with email, with need to deal with ‘white mail’ by hand.

⇒ With ‘offline’ campaigns, marketing automation is harder, needing more thought.


Everyone is used to direct mail, and it’s a data-rich medium: lists are available that segment postal districts and demographics in incredible detail. However, one of the downsides of direct mail is a big one: cost. With greater upfront investment needed, it’s wise to work out your expected marketing ROI in advance. But response rates, retention rates and simple recall are all sky-high with a good direct mail campaign.


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