Marketing Action PlanIf you are the owner of a new start-up, an established business struggling due to COVID-19, or a business that just wants to grow, NXT Generation can help you. NXT Generation can help you to generate new leads, expand your company’s online presence, gain new partnerships, improve your companies sales revenues and much more. By studying our brand-new 2021 COVID-19 marketing action plan, you will gain the wisdom to help you adapt and scale your business during these unprecedented times.

Inside the “COVID-19 Marketing Action Plan”

You will find:

  • 3 key lead generation strategies proven to convert
  • How to create niche audiences using social profiling
  • 5 tips to generate your video marketing campaign
  • 5 steps to create powerful content for your business from start to finish
  • How to organically generate your own leads with minimal cost

Hi, I’m Johnathan Pach, the Founder and CEO of NXT Generation, a global media & marketing agency based in London and Los Angeles. My team at NXT Generation has over 40 years of experience combined in the world of media & marketing, which is why we pride ourselves on supplying clients with the most innovative marketing solutions.

My company specialises in lead generation and is renowned for offering highly-targeted campaigns that are guaranteed to result in qualified leads. We offer a wide array of services, including email marketing, voice qualified lead generation, social media marketing, TV advertising, podcast marketing, PPC lead generation and much more. Our aim is quite simple: to help businesses to maximise profits whilst simultaneously boosting their global profile across a multiplicity of platforms.

Global Award Winners

Last year was an incredible year for NXT Generation. We generated £750,000 in advertising sales and received a number of prestigious awards, such as The Corporate Vision Award for Global Investment Agency of the Year 2020, Media Innovator Awards for Best Global Lead Generation Agency, SME News for UK Enterprise Award and Global 100 Winner for Best Global Marketing Agency Of The Year.

Best Global Lead Generation Agency Award Winner 2021 SME News Best Global Lead Generation and Marketing Agency Award 2021

Following our recent achievements, we are keen to help more people to succeed in the business world. We believe that now is the perfect time for entrepreneurial innovation because many people around the world are currently yearning for “the next big thing”, the product or service that’ll bring positivity to the world and transform it into a better place.

Statistically speaking, there are, on average, 18,100 searches per month in Google UK for “how to start a business” (based on data from Data from MicroBizMag also suggests that 65% of a sample size of UK workers wanted to start their own business in January of 2020. Lastly, according to the U.S. SBA, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. alone.

Marketing During A Pandemic

These figures suggest a number of things. Firstly, they suggest that there is a strong desire to become an entrepreneur. Secondly, they suggest that there is a vast amount of competition in the business world, especially for small and medium enterprises. This competition is intensified at the present moment due to the effects of COVID-19. COVID-19 has had a severe negative impact on business across the globe and has forced many businesses to change how they function. Despite its large negative impact, though, COVID-19 has led many people to explore their own entrepreneurial ideas during the lockdown period. Consequently, the lockdown period has given way to a number of new start-ups, all of which are fighting for the top spot.

As the CEO of NXT Generation, I am offering you my support in your entrepreneurial endeavours. I want to help as many businesses as I can during these tough times because I believe that, together, we can all achieve our dreams. If you want to grow your business, or if you’re interested in accessing NXT Generation’s COVID-19 marketing action plan for 2021, email me via You can also check out the reset of our website,, for more business advice, lead generation tips and marketing plans.

Until then, keep grinding, keep analysing, and keep innovating. I’ll see you all soon!