It was a fantastic 7 months of business with the birth of NXT Generation back in May 2018 and our prime focus for this year is expansion. Expansion in all business areas from marketing media opportunities for our clients, expansion with the NXT Generation team and expansion with new business development.

We are slowly moving into an advertising agency style business, focusing on content creation, video production, PR Management, lead generation and branding.

We have many exciting investment, trading & property campaigns which are delivering well and every client seems to convert sales from our leads, but we are focusing on new product areas from travel, fashion, sports & wellness, chattered yachts and private jet companies.

We are pleased to announce that we have just opened up a brand new Los Angeles office, which will be headed up by the new growing LA team.

We are pleased to announce that we have just hired 2 new International Business Development Managers with Brett Moran and Sam Akhlaghi. Brett will be focusing on international real estate, wellness and Yoga retreat style clients from our new Thailand office and Sam will be focusing on American real estate, consumer products and investment from our brand new LA office. Both chaps bring bags of experience, added marketing media opportunities to add to the NXT Gen pile and a vast client base.

Its going to be a fantastic year! please get in touch with the team for all of your marketing and lead generation opportunities