It seems fair to say that 2020 has been a very strange and complicated year. The coronavirus pandemic has dominated much of the year and it seems that it will continue to do so. The pandemic has caused a lot of complications around the globe, which has resulted in much change. Many people have been forced to change the way they live, businesses have had to change the way in which they function, and governments have had to change their methods for protecting people. Generally speaking, it has been a difficult year for us all. With that being said, let us explore how marketing and lead generation has functioned in 2020.

Marketing has certainly had to change throughout 2020. One change that we’ve seen is the prioritisation of internal marketing in order to distribute information throughout companies during times of great stress and uncertainty. On top of this, we have seen an increase in collaborations and innovation within the marketing space. Most recently we have seen supermarket brands team up with Channel 4 to tackle racism and companies innovating to allow their staff to work from home sustainably.

As for lead generation, many more lead generation companies have emphasised the importance of reviews and testimonials. Statistics from Podium suggest that 93% of customers are affected by online review, so it makes sense to see this shift. Many firms have also realised that you can no longer succeed without good landing pages and qualified leads, so we have seen an increase in the quality of these two things as well.

In general, the marketing and lead generation game has progressed in line with the restrictions put on the world. Looking forward, we expect to see much more technological innovation, including the development of AI and VR marketing. Until then though, we wait patiently to see what 2021 has in store.