We have been working with YIF for the past 6 months, helping to grow and develop their system which is a one of its kind comparison site for property and alternative investment products.

“Why is finding the right investment so time-consuming?”

“How do you pick the right product?”

“Why can’t things be simplified?”

These are the questions which the founders of Your Investment Finder Ltd had heard for many years, and as two like-minded individuals we asked ourselves “Why is there no fully inclusive, investment comparison website like there are for cars, insurance and phones etc.?”

From this conversation, Your Investment Finder was born. Our journey to create a website where you, the investor, could find an array of investment opportunities under one roof, resulted in us building the world’s first fully inclusive investment comparison platform, which allows an investor to search and compare investments that suit his or her individual investment criteria.


With over thirty years of experience managing, marketing, and promoting global investment products, we were well placed to bring a platform to the market which gives you a choice and provides a comparative, simple, and secure vehicle to find your latest investment.

We want our customers to have a choice and to be able to reach investment opportunities across the globe, as well as in their own markets.

Our global marketing and relationship reach, coupled with a track record of providing original, sustainable, and rewarding investment products mean that Your Investment Finder is the leading investment comparison platform, where we are dedicated to providing the best opportunities for you, the investor.

If you are looking to list your investment products onto our platform, please email for more information. Please view our 1 page below with more information in how you can get involved with YIF today.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!.




Johnathan Pach

CEO & Founder


Email :

Phone : 0203 933 8354

Mobile : +44 7543 183 400