NXT Generation have partnered up with 99 Alternatives giving our clients the complete marketing & investor lead generation package!

NXT Generation are working exclusively with the 99 Alternatives www.99alternatives.com digital investment newspaper. This is the perfect opportunity for our clients to not only gain qualified investor lead generation, but this marketing strategy will massively increase your companies branding / awareness across a competitive global investor market.

To announce the new partnership, 99 have offered NXT Gen customers discounted rates across all online publication and website placements, prices will increase in September  so please let us know this week which package is perfect for your company.



Generate leads every month for the next 6 months at one cost

It was a pleasure speaking to you last week in regards to the sponsorship and advertising opportunity with 99Alternatives.com.  As per our conversation I have given a brief overview of the proposal below and also attached a sample section of the guide which includes the introduction, global overview and 1 sample Metal section  to view.

About 99 Alternatives

99 Alternatives is a Web Portal offering a platform of Information on 99 Alternative Asset Classes as well as an arena to connect with a network of like-minded Individuals enabling them to discuss the best strategies with a globally active investing community. It brings all the latest information and news on one platform and members can join 99 Alternatives social networking and communication arena to share and gain ideas, knowledge and experience.

About 99 Alternatives Guide

99 Alternative Assets Guide is a comprehensive guide into income-growth strategies and global trends for capital preservation during chaotic market conditions. The guide provides insight into 99 different types of global asset categories for diversification. It covers traditional and innovative categories in collectibles, real estate, precious metals, commodities, energy sector, stocks, hedge funds, bond, currency, bitcoin, spread bettings, mobile apps, gaming, technology, entertainment, bank investment, etc.

The Offering

Gain brand exposure and lead generation over the next 10 months by taking advantage of sponsorship of a section in our unique 99 Alternative Assets Guide.

The Benefits

Ø  Life time access to 99 Alternatives Elite subscription

Ø  Company listing in service directory

Ø  Solus sponsorship of a  section in the guide (Subject to availability)

Ø  Advert will be featured up to 6 months in the guide (ending 31.12.2019)

Ø  Full page advert and half page advertorial

Ø  2 solus email campaign to entire global user base

Ø  Dedicated Landing page on 99 Alternatives web portal linked to company listing in service directory

Ø  Landing page will be promoted via our SEO and SMO activity

Ø  All existing and new registered users will receive the guide for free

Ø  Advertisers logo hyperlinked to landing page hosted onsite will appear on the sponsored guides section on 99alternatives.com as sponsored by the advertiser.

Ø  The guide will be promoted via all social platforms

The 99 Alternative Assets Guide is now complete and ready to publish with limited sections remaining to sponsor.  I look forward to hearing from you soon on how we can move forward together in regards to this proposal.  Should have any other further questions or would like to explore other options to advertise do not hesitate in contacting me.

NXT Gen introduction rate: £1,500 … includes

Product: 6 Months 99 Alternatives Asset Guide Section Sponsorship

Solus email campaign: x 2 (estimate 35 – 40 leads)

Targeting: UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia

Monthly Exposure:  500,000+ emails plus retargeting

E- brochure placement –  we feel your brand is very much aligned to take advantage of our guaranteed Investor Lead Generation.  Click here to view our E-brochure.

 Why 99 Alternatives attracts liquid investors you are seeking.

  1. Web Portal on 99 Alternative Asset Classes
    2. FREE In-depth E-Book on 99 Alternative Asset Classes
    3. Investors are given their own profile and premium email account access
    4. Online Investor Social networking and communication arena
    5. Knowledge Bank
    6. Investor Experiences
    7. Scam Awareness and Avoidance
    8. Financial Market Tools
    9. Live Financial News Feed From Reuters

Please note all leads are GDPR compliant.

Advertising with 99 Alternatives will benefit you in the following ways:

Ø  There is only 1 set fee with a guaranteed lead volume with no cap or charge on additional leads
Ø  Interact with users with our latest chat forums
Ø  Have your own dedicated section with your own fully customizable landing page
Ø  Expand your brand globally with 99Alternatives
Ø  Fully GDPR Compliant Lead Generation
Ø  Comprehensive live reports and lead tracking tools
Ø  65% of Revenue is spent on Direct Advertising
Ø   Lead generation through banners, email campaigns, videos , news alerts and much more.

  1. Alternatives launches to advertisers first phase of home page advertising spaces as per below:

NXT Generation rates:

  • Featured Advertiser button on home page £250 per month linked to your landing page hosted on 99 Alternatives with unlimited impressions.  Only 7 spaces available.
  • Featured Broker listing on the home page £300 per month linked to your landing page hosted on 99 Alternatives with unlimited impressions.  18 Spaces available
  • Home page Featured video £500 per month linked to your landing page hosted on 99 Alternatives with unlimited impressions.  Only 1 space available
  • Home page video £250 per month linked to your landing page hosted on 99 Alternatives with unlimited impressions.  Only 4 spaces available