Podcast Marketing

Finally Rid Yourself of that Time-Consuming and Mind-Numbing Editing Process.


Recording and sharing podcasts is great, but let's face it, the editing process can be lengthy and dull, not to mention extremely difficult!


We’ve created this service, our very own podcast marketing service, so you can get on with being the star of your show whilst we do the ‘donkey work’.


The process is very simple: you record the show, we edit, produce and clean up your show for a low-cost monthly payment.


Phase 1:

£1,500 joining fee

In phase one of the programme we'll help you create your show format, take you through the ins and outs of podcasting and coach you through recording your first podcasts. By the end of this part of the programme you'll have a complete launch plan and your first episodes ready to go.



Phase 2:

£239 per month

In phase two of the programme you'll participate in a monthly business mastermind and also meet with your coach for a one-on-one 2 x monthly strategy session. In this time you'll develop your skills as a podcaster and entrepreneur. You'll get feedback on your progress, discuss any problems, plan and implement the continued growth of your business and podcast.

We Know How to Create a 5-Star Rated Show


Since we run our own 5-star rated business podcast, we know how to produce a show that creates a real impact. In fact, our entire business model is based around our podcast.


That's why you can have the confidence to trust us. We know what we're doing and have your interests at heart! We work hard to make you sound great!


Creating a podcast with us is a collaborative affair. We'll work with you to make sure your podcast sounds great – we want it to be a show you are proud of. We can even coach you through the entire recording and content creation process.


We can get you to the next level

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