PR Management

PR Management

The combined world of traditional and digital media can sometimes be quite tricky to navigate. More often than not, confusion and problems can arise because there is just so much going on. PR management services are essential for this reason. Typically speaking, PR management involves promoting a client in order to expand their public profile. In other words, PR management services enable clients to build a strong mutual relationship with their audiences and the general public.

A primary benefit of our PR management services is that we take on the burden of developing a tailored communications strategy for you, so that you can connect with your target audience and convey your key message. In a sense, we help you to build and enhance your reputation and brand image through the media, thereby spreading word about the magnificent work that you are doing.

Our PR services are also extremely useful because they are wide-ranging. This means that you will be able to connect with people from all walks of life, many of whom will become interested in what you have to offer.


Our services include:


● Press Releases/News Announcements distributed to target press.

● Thought leadership pieces / industry comment piece and by-line opportunities.

● Feature pitching to relevant national press.

● Interviews / briefings scheduled with key spokespeople on identified industry hot topics.

● News scanning for proactive and reactive opportunities.

● Targeting Online, Print and Broadcast Press.

● Where relevant and dependent on costs within intensive package: infographics, blogs and social media support.


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