PR Management

Quantitative research

Every quarter we would commission independent quantitative research.  This can be among investors & consumers – the data is broken down to focus on particular demographics; for investors, that might be the size or make-up of their portfolios.

The quantitative research is used throughout all of our PR and comms activities – the data is used to underpin your marketing messaging, adding concrete substance to the PR materials we publish on your behalf,

Moreover, the research is turned into multiple press releases – this unique data opens doors with national newspapers, broadcasters and local press, translating into lots of coverage. Indeed, this would be the key to getting you into the money pages for both local and national press.

Thought leadership

Every month we would run a ‘thought leadership’ campaign. This involves us pitching to editors in order to line up interviews and guest articles in prominent publications on behalf of yourself – once we get the thumbs-up from an editor, we then research and write the requested articles. And again, we use the aforementioned quant research within the articles we write

This is a great way to focus the content on pertinent issues and trends that relate to your business-It builds the awareness of the brand.

Each thought leadership campaign typically results in six or more pieces of content being published.

Reactionary commentary

Every day we are scanning the media for relevant news – if there is an important breaking or developing story that relates to your business, market or client-base, then we will draft short quotes on your behalf and send this to all journalists who might be covering the news.

This is a great way of capitalising on the existing news agenda and getting clients seen as a prominent industry commentator

Company announcements

And finally, we will also create press releases to share important company news with the media – this might be a new or completed project, a milestone, an award, a new hire, etc.

These press releases are created and distributed on an ad hoc basis – it is up to you to inform us when you have news that you want to shout about; we’ll make sure it then appears in the trade press


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