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NXT Generation’s investment lead generation objective is simple – we want to increase growth of our clients’ businesses. We generate qualified investor leads from prospects that are interested in profits from investments. In other words, by focusing on generating voice qualified leads we help our clients grow exponentially at a pace that suits them.

Throughout your voice qualified lead generation campaign, your personal Account Manager will work with you to define your ideal customer profile and concept of a pre-qualified lead. During the implementation phase, your Account Manager will work with you to determine who the best prospects are by considering geographic factors, age, socio-economic factors and more. Your Account Manager work with you to understand the messages that you would like to convey to your prospective customers.

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Having understood both your requirements on what constitutes a qualified investment lead and the demographics that prospects should meet, prospecting can commence through our trained Teleconsultants! Our specialist B2C Teleconsultants will engage with your ideal prospects by conveying your proposition and generating sales qualified leads with qualified prospects.

Depending on the services selected, we can have your fully-fledged campaign up and running very quickly. Once the campaign is running, you will begin receiving your sales qualified investor leads. To ensure that you and only you receive your investment leads (and to ensure our compliance with data protection regulations), all investor leads shall be sent directly to you via our secure server with your own dedicated area. As soon as they are uploaded, you will receive a notification to download your leads… it’s as simple as that!

Accredited Investor Leads

At NXT Generation, we are renowned for providing accredited investor leads. We are known for being trustworthy and reliable – investment brokerages can always count on us to deliver. As a well-respected figure within the financial industry, we are always looking to improve ourselves so that we can help you achieve your goals.

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NXT Generation’s voice qualified leads department has helped hundreds of companies grow their business year on year. We continually provide our clients with thousands of new customers, additional opportunities for business interaction, and, most importantly, increased revenue. As an experienced lead generation company, NXT Gen will provide leads of the highest quality to consistently satisfy your business needs and objectives.

Voice Qualified Investment Leads

Qualified Investor Leads

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