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Qualified Lead Generation

NXT Generation’s voice qualified lead objective is to quite simply drive sustainable growth for our clients' businesses. By generating pre-qualified investor leads with prospects that are interested in profits from investments. This enables them to grow exponentially but at a pace that suits.

Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to define your ideal customer profile and define what constitutes a pre-qualified lead. During the implementation phase, your Account Manager shall work with you to determine who the best prospects are considering geography, age, socio-economics etc. Your Account Manager will also take the time to understand the messages that you would like to convey to either your prospect pool or your customers.

Having understood your requirements on what constitutes as a qualified lead, the demographics that prospects should meet and the extensive training of our Teleconsultants complete, prospecting can commence! Our specialist B2C Teleconsultants will engage with your ideal prospects conveying your proposition and generating sales qualified leads with qualified prospects.

Depending on the services selected, we can have your fully-fledged campaign up and running very quickly. And then you will begin receiving your sales qualified investor leads. To ensure that you and only you receive your leads (and to ensure our compliance with data protection regulations) all leads shall be sent directly to you via our secure server with your own dedicated area. As soon as they are uploaded you will receive a notification to download your leads… it’s as simple as that!

Sales qualified investment leads straight to your inbox!

NXT Generation’s voice qualified leads department has helped hundreds of companies grow their business year on year, contributing thousands of new customers, additional opportunities for business interaction and most importantly increased revenue. NXT Gen will provide leads of the highest quality to consistently satisfy your business needs and objectives.

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Qualifying Scripts Used

Here are just a few of the qualifying scripts we have used on successful investment lead generation campaigns.
Phoenix Gold Script

Good morning/afternoon {TITLE}, {PROSPECTS NAME}
{AGENT NAME} from Searchlight Media, you may recall you previously spoke to one of my colleagues about various investments.

{TITLE}, {PROSPECTS NAME} we are currently working with a new client who we would love to introduce to you, PHOENIX GOLD who have a GOLD buyers GUIDE which might be of interest to read?

The GUIDE explains how to own physical GOLD and earn monthly monthly income of between 15-17%.

The GOLD market sees close to $200 billion traded every day as Central banks, and governments the world over are increasing their physical gold reserves at the fastest rate since 2006.

The usual level to BUY GOLD is $50k+ which is for institutions and banks as they buy hundreds of billions, however PHOENIX GOLD, have the option for the likes of you and me to purchase from $10k which returns between upto $1700

Buying GOLD is one of the smartest ways to hold physical gold and gives you interest on physical gold holdings at a fixed rate for a fixed period of time.

GOLD investment pays:
● Predictable income of between 15-17%
● Fixed returns 24 months
● PAID monthly
● The GOLD can be delivered directly to you OR it can be stored with brinks.

What I would love to do at this stage is register your interest and will will receive GOLD buyers GUIDE immediately straight to your inbox and one of my senior GOLD specialist will be happy to answer any question you may have in the next few days.

OK great, could I take your most up to date email please:
Best number to call you on:
Best time to follow up:

Genuinely interested? YES
$10k manageable? YES
Best Time of day? Mornings / Afternoons / Evenings

Fast Finance Script

I was hoping to speak to {PROSPECTS NAME}, {AGENTS NAME}

from Searchlight Media, you may recall you previously spoke to one of my colleagues about various investments.

We are currently working with a new client FASTFINANCE who are one of EUROPE'S leading online money lending platforms and online Banks.

FASTFINANCE there roadmap is pretty impressive:

Founded in 2011

Granted their FCA license in 2017

Listed on the German stock market 2018

UK expansion 2019 and also listing on the US market 2019

FASTFINANCE are already listed in the stock market in GERMANY, they are about to be listed in the US and will also be looking to list on the UK.

Valued at 40MIL Euros

FASTFINANCE are an ETHICAL loan company, meaning they only approve loans to people who can afford it which is about 15% of those that apply.

FASTFINANCE are FCA regulated REGULATION Number FRN772020


FASTFINANCE was established to access the lending sector made up of consumers who are facing short term economic challenges by offering a simple, transparent and quick financial solution the objective is to become a MAJOR online bank and short term lender.

I’m sure you are aware that the UK Loan industry is really big business and is worth over £2.5billion per year

FASTFINANCE are currently expanding into the UK and are offering investors the opportunity to invest at an early stage for maximum returns.

They have have 3 Core Products:

  • Short term loans 3 - 6 months upto €1,500
  • Online banking platform, savings account, credit and debit cards
  • Rent to own funding for goods upto €2,500
  • Their mobile APP is live making access Instant and Secure

Early investors can purchase shares with investment starting £5,000 with expected returns of between 3-5x investment

  • Lower level return £15,000
  • Higher level return £25,000

What I would love to do is register you to receive their Brochure to learn more about FASTFINANCE and one of the senior consultants will follow up in the next few days to answer any questions you may have.


Ok great, can I confirm:

  • Email
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Best time to call MORNING / AFTERNOON / EVENING


You can visit the website: www.fastfinance24.com

Freemont Capital Script

Good morning/afternoon {TITLE}, {PROSPECTS NAME}
{AGENT NAME} from Searchlight Media, we are a financial marketing agency and I would love to introduc you to one of our new clients that may be of interest.

ONLY IF ASKED: you may recall you previously spoke to one of my colleagues about various investments.

FREMONT CAPITAL are one of the biggest investment firms of Europe for the last 15 years and have a number of investment instruments, such as
Gold mines in africa
Silver mines in texas
Diamond mines in alaska
Oil & natural gas refineries in middle east
Manufacturing industry in China

Dunkin Donuts & Hilton Hotels are just 2 examples of where they have invested privately over the last few years with returns of over 10% guaranteed.

They have a highly experienced team of business analyst and economists who are working with highly profitable companies from all over the globe with a goal to maximise profits for our clients on their investments.

So regarding the same i would like to know few information of yours so we can find some good investment opportunities for you, so that you can earn good profits on your idle lying money.


1. Have you ever invested before? If yes, amount invested in last 2 years and name of company where invested.
2. What do you do for a living?
3. If an investment ticked the right boxes for you would you be liquid to invest £4,000 - £5,000? IF Not what amount would work for you?
4. Would there be a particular country or sector you would ideally look to invest in or you are open to invest anywhere and your main objective is just to earn maximum profits?

Ok great, what I would love to do is have one of our senior advisors follow up with you in the next few days to discuss the options and send you further information.

● Could I take the best email for you please?

Thank you for your time, one of the senior advisors from FREMONT CAPITAL will follow up in the next few days.

Serge Energy Script

Hello Mr/Mrs {PROSPECTS NAME}, {AGENTS NAME} from Searchlight Media, we are a financial marketing agency.

The reason for my call today is we are currently working with a new client in the Renewable Energy Sector……..SERGE ENERGY and would love to provide you with their brochure that outlines their Renewable Energy investment opportunity that offers really exciting returns on investment.

Have you looked into the Renewable energy sector at all before?

You may be aware that by 2030 the European Union has targeted that fossil fuels be replaced with renewable energy sources and SERGE ENERGY are one of the largest European companies in the sector and are leading the way in how we reversing world climate change

100 billion tonnes of Biomass is produced every year, making it one of the Earth’s richest sources of RENEWABLE ENERGY sources which will improve Climate change, and Climate change is one of the most important areas affecting the world population today.

Biomass is derived from wood not deemed good enough for the timber industry such as bark, treetops, sawdust, and in some cases crooked trees.

To briefly explain about the investment, this 5-year biomass extraction investment is currently showing returns upwards of 9% per annum compounded over 5 years which means that if you were to invest €24,300 today you would receive in total €43,000 after 5 years.

SERGE ENERGY are offering investors the opportunity to invest in one of the biggest changes in Global energy the world has seen

● Average Annual Returns+9%
● 5 Year Investment with returns paid at years 2, 4 and 5
● Asset-Backed Investment
● Pre-existing demand for biomass pellets
● Returns Underpinned by ever-increasing EU legislation

All I would like to do at this stage is to arrange for SERGE ENERGY’s brochure to be emailed to you which will explain this project in greater detail and to arrange a convenient time for one of their Senior Consultants to give you a call back to answer any questions that you may have.

Before I do this can I confirm that you are currently looking for investments and are happy with an entry level investment of €24,300?

Excellent so can I just confirm your EMAIL, FIRST NAME and LAST NAME.

Finally, when would be a good time and day for one of their consultants to call you back?


You can visit the website: www.

PPFP script

Hello (customer,name)  (Agent,name) calling from XXXXX XXXXX

The reason for my call today we provide our local community with FREE information to show you how you can protect you and your family against the rising costs of FUNERALs!

Do you know much about PRE PAID FUNERAL PLANs Sir / Madam?

YES: Did you receive a cost?

  • How much was it?
  • Do you know who the provider was?

OK well our SENIOR ADVISOR Mr XXXXX will be able to provide you with a quote that I'm sure you will be pleased with.

NO: Ok is there any reason why you wouldn't consider a Pre-Paid funeral Plan?

FACTS: Well in the year 2000 the cost of a funeral was £1,200, today the average cost of a funeral is around £4,000, meaning they have tripled in price in just 17 years. Funerals are increasing on average by 8% per year. However, when you take out a pre-paid funeral plan you GUARANTEE today’s prices, which means regardless of future inflation your beneficiaries and loved ones will not receive a bill for the funeral director’s services when the time comes

  • FIRSTLY - A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan protects you and your family against the rising costs of funerals
  • SECONDLY - With a pre-paid funeral plan in place, it's one phone call from your next of kin to your selected funeral director, and they’ll say we will TAKE OF EVERYTHING
  • AND FINALLY - You will have the facility to spread the cost over 12 months / 5 or 10 years

I appreciate that it's not something we think about everyday, however now may be the time to consider the benefits of securing the cost of a funeral at today's prices which guarantees that any inflationary prices won’t affect you in the years to come.

We provide free quotes with the aim to inform you of the actual cost today and how much it will save you, this will only take 5-10mins and it will simply show you all of the benefits of having a prepaid funeral plan.

YES: Ok great, well we would be happy to provide you with a FREE quote. FANTASTIC I will arrange for one of the Senior Funeral Advisors to call you at a time that's convenient?

Our SENIOR ADVISOR Mr Richard Miller WILL FOLLOW UP WITHIN 24HRS to provide you with your FREE QUOTE

Generally when is the best time to follow up? MORNING/AFTERNOON/Evening

Thank you for your time today Sir/Madam

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