Nxt Generation partners up with Yah Digital in Hollywood to increase our global media offering!

Radio advertising presents huge opportunities for firms to promote themselves. Whether we notice it or not, we listen to a lot of radio when driving around or doing day-to-day activities. Without realising it, radio advertising will influence us all at some point in our lives. We will all buy products as a result of hearing about them on the radio, however we are not always consciously aware of this. Our team in Hollywood – YAH! Digital – do an excellent job in managing and running all of our radio campaigns. We consider them to be very close partners. As such, we would like to explore radio advertising a bit more to explain its benefits.

Radio advertising is growing, particularly in the United States, meaning that it is the perfect time to invest. In the USA roughly 50 percent of the population listen to radio daily. Moreover, American radio generated almost 15 billion dollars in 2016, a large proportion of which was due to online radio. It seems that radio is, somewhat, omnipresent in many cars and public areas. It is therefore an excellent investment opportunity and companies such as Comcast Corporation and T-Mobile US have invested large sums of money into it. The two companies spent a combined total of approximately 350 million dollars.

Radio was only means of advertising to the masses since it’s inception until the invention of the television, and even today is still in second behind digital advertising on the internet and mobile devices.

Radio advertising is growing at a fast rate due to its ability to reach a large number of potential clients. Costs can be kept minimal and revenue can rocket when using radio as a marketing tool, thus radio advertising is arguably one of the most cost-efficient ways to promote your business.