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Approximately 10,000 property investor leads are generated for our clients each month

using a variety of platforms including email, social media, PPC and video marketing.

Global Reach

Advertise your real estate investment property across 150 countries.

Investor Lists

High Net Worth Real Estate Investors actively seeking investments.

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Fresh Pre-qualified leads generated for your real estate development.

Where Our Leads Come From


We have direct access to over 75 marketing lists and 20 million investment records globally, all of which are provided by a combination of financial institutions and media providers. Our sources have been tried and tested by us which means that we can reach out to accredited investors waiting to invest in your development.

Our Proccess

Here's How

In depth initial consultation

To determine your requirements, goals, and budget.

Tailored solution


Create a unique, tailored lead generation plan.

Guaranteed number of verified investor leads.

Leads are matched to your specifications.

Lead Information includes:


Email, telephone number, and location and also other information like time scale and investment amount can be requested.

Bad Lead Replacement


NXT Generation operates a discretionary leads replacement policy, applicable for 2 weeks immediately following the end of the Term, contact us for more details.

10 free sample leads on request


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Advertising Network

Our digital marketing expertise and years of experience has helped us build a solid advertising network. Working closely with our partner company, Universal Real Estate News (UREN), we are able to publish and distribute information pertaining to your real estate investment opportunities. This makes your projects visible to real estate investors across the globe and is ideal for real estate lead generation.

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Our proven bespoke in-house Services, include PPC, Email, Video and Social marketing.

Your leads will be voice qualified ready to be converted into sales.

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