Real Estate Investment Leads

At NXT Generation, we understand how tough it can be to generate real estate investment leads. To combat these difficulties, we offer a wide variety of tailored solutions to help our clients generate global real estate investment leads. 

By working closely with our partner company, Universal Real Estate News (UREN), we are able to publish and distribute information pertaining to your real estate investment opportunities. This allows us to find accredited investors, who are interested in your services, and redirect them to you – it’s that simple! 

Before starting any investment leads campaign, we like to conduct through consultations with our clients, so you can be sure that your needs will be understood and met. These consultations allow us to establish what your ideal lead looks like, the type of content you’d like from us, the scale and length of the campaign, and many other factors. 

Thanks to our in-house databases containing over 100,000 investors, we are able to source real estate investment leads from a multitude of locations, including the United Kingdom and United States. Our teams in London and Los Angleses maintain strong relationships with all potential investors by providing them with regular video content, blog posts, and news updates.  Advertised through UREN will help to generate leads for your investment projects.

On top of this, we provide our clients with extra exposure through their very own dedicated investments page on UREN. This page (alongside other advertisements and posts) gives interested investors a genuine insight into what your company has to offer within the real estate market. We believe that this strategy will allow you to gain a strong network of qualified and long-term real estate investment leads! 


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