Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation

When it comes to social media optimisation, consistency is key. To abide by this principle, we manage every aspect of a client’s social media profile(s), which includes sharing plenty of written posts, images and video content. To optimise engagement, we post three times per day (usually in the morning, afternoon and evening). Each post features a different type of content which will educate your audience, encourage them to engage with your brand, and spread word about your product. Many of our posts also feature specific call-to-action messages in order to generate investment.

As a company, we are experienced across many platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. When creating your 12-month plan, we like to focus on different ways to generate interest for your brand. Typically, our first month is spent on brand awareness. The second focuses on addressing how your brand can tackle real world problems. Our expert team believe that this methodology works best when seeking for real improvements! Moreover, we are able to target audiences based on: keywords, search engine results, interests, geographic and demographic factors and social media activity levels.

We like to organically grow social media pages through animated and VR content too! We believe that 80% of your content should consist of video, since this is the best way to raise awareness of your brand, spark engagement, and educate your audience. On top of this, we’ll run a monthly social media competitor analysis so that we can rank you amongst other competitors and see what works best within your industry!



The most effective way for us to work on this campaign would be to agree a fixed monthly spend across all activities. A typical plan with us will look like this:

Month 1 - Brand Awareness, Content Creation, Competitor Analysis, Personal PR

Month 2 - Product Promotion, Lead Targeting

Month 3 - Personal PR, Product Campaign

Month 4 - Testimonials and Company Story

Month 5 & 6 - Heavy Product campaign, HNW campaign targeting

Month 7 - Client expectation and success stories, Personal PR

Month 8 - Content Creation, New call-to-actions

Month 9 - Campaign plan - Mission Statement

Month 10 - Content Creation - New campaign

Month 11 - Client targeting

Month 12 - Awareness for organic leads, Personal PR


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