Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation

Never before with marketing have you been able to grow your audience data base with people that are genuinely interested in your product or service whilst tracking direct sales and the return on investment; all whilst building a strong brand awareness campaign than you have with video marketing.

Driving The Audience

Once the brand campaign kicks off - we’ll be able to target an audience that we want based on:

  • - Keywords Search engine results
  • - Interests
  • - Geographical Location
  • - Social media activity
  • - Demographic

Having an organic and engaged following makes it easier when we are looking to offer call-to-actions: sign up offers, trial offers etc. The social media objective will be to drive all the new engaged following to our clients website. Improving their social media to website traffic. This can either be to a specific landing page OR home/sign up page.

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Video Marketing
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Video Marketing Lead Generation

80% of your social media should be video content. 10 - 15 second short burst impactful videos that either:
Bring Awareness - Top tips, Problem Vs Solution videos
Engagement - Sparking a reaction to encourage shares and likes
Educate - Driving call-to-actions and telling people about your trading services.
We would create 4-5 motion graphic videos per week to help improve the engagement rate through social media and improve sales.

Generating Leads

The ultimate goal would be to generate organic leads through a good social media campaign. Whilst we get to that point we will need to use Social media advertising and video marketing to boost posts, brand and product awareness campaigns and direct ads.

The goal will be to get to the point where people can complete an entire journey from product awareness, product education, sign-up and deposit without speaking with an individual.

Once we have our clients social media accounts we will be able to estimate exactly how much you may need to spend each month - also based on the competitor analysis data.

It’s a process that only gets better with the more data we receive - allowing us to improve our lead targeting and improve the quality and number of leads as the campaign grows.

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