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Lead Generation Tips

3 Amazing Lead Generation Tips

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is this: lead generation is not easy.

Why is generating leads so difficult?

Well, one reason is because the lead generation space is so competitive. There are so many marketing companies in the world right now, each with the desire to be the best. Naturally, then, it can be difficult to compete at times.

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A big technological change in marketing and advertising!

Marketing Technology 

The development of virtual reality has, and will continue to have, a profound effect on the world of marketing. Virtual reality has allowed consumers to have a personal (yet artificially simulated) experience of those products which they are potentially going to purchase, thereby giving them a better understanding of what said products are like. This could be seen in the housing market, for example, since consumers have the ability to take virtual tours of properties which they may desire to purchase. In the future the same could be said for a whole multitude of industries. 

There are a number of benefits which have arisen thanks to virtual reality and “smart technology”. The single-most important thing is that consumers can have easier access to goods and services which they potentially want to use or buy. This easier access makes consumers far more likely to return to those firms who offer it, therefore it is recommended that firm-owners look into the possibility of implementing virtual reality – or other such methods of “smart technology” such as Alexa – into their marketing strategies. Moreover, VR (and other such augmented reality systems) allow international clients to experience the services that you and your firm may be offering. It is wise, therefore, to explore the realms of virtual reality if you are looking to attract the attention of international clients in an efficient, yet effective, manner. 

In sum, the benefits of virtual reality are enormous. It allows for efficient marketing strategies which can access a wide range of potential clients. It is, therefore, something which we at NXT Generation recommend, if you are looking to grow your business. 



Social media is a GOLD MINE! when it comes to generating quality leads!

Social media is a GOLD MINE! when it comes to generating quality leads!

Social media has become a gold mine for generating leads. People spend large amounts of time on various media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (to name a few) – therefore, these platforms are the perfect places to attract the attention of your desired audience. We at NXT Generation use Facebook as a tool to target our audiences and, with the help of Carve Production, we are able to generate top quality leads. It is is important, however, to have a strategy that will enable your brand to receive optimum attention from your desired audience. Let’s explore the best way to produce top quality leads according to some of the worlds best business brains.

The first thing that you’ve got to do is create content (and lots of it). That’s the only way that you are going to attract attention from the 2.23 billion Facebook users, or the 1 billion Instagram users. Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone both agree on this principle, since it allows people to gain an insight into the awesome stuff that you are offering. Next, it may be worth collaborating with other people. Cardone advocates this method, because it allows you to attract interest from a wide variety of audiences, therefore enabling you to generate new leads. Once you have created your content you need to get it shared. This is the best way to attract attention from your desired audience. On Facebook the like and share buttons are seen about 10 million times a day, so if you can encourage sharing you are more likely to generate the leads that you want.

By committing to the three principles – creating content, collaborating, and encouraging sharing – you are very likely to create awareness of your brand. Thus, you will give yourself the best possible chance to generate the leads that you want!

The NXT Generation team gets invited to meet the legend Gary Vee @ the #AskGaryVee Q&A.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a social-media marketer, who famously grew his family liquor business from $3 million to $60 million in five years. Mr Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX – “a modern day communications parent company” – as well the CEO of VaynerMedia. The latter is a digital agency which promotes and develops businesses through video production, influencer marketing and business analysis (to name a few services). We at NXT Generation were fortunate enough to attend an #AskGaryVee show – a business Q&A show. An interesting question was raised during the event: When hiring an influencer to promote your brand, how do you control your reputation? Let us have a look at what Mr Vaynerchuk had to say.

He begins by suggesting that a brand will not mean the same thing to each person – “Coca cola and Heineken and Adidas think that the brand means the same thing to all of you, and that is just laughable. Everybody here, when I say the word Supreme or KFC, will be thinking different things”. It seems, therefore, that a brand needn’t try to promote a single uniform ideology, rather they ought to promote something which is accessible to everyone. When buying sponsorships via influencers, brand managers ought to look for good deals; the influencer will know their audience so it is important to allow them this freedom to act. After all, “as a brand that is what you want: you are giving somebody money so that you can have something happen for your business”.

Micromanagement of influencers, in Mr Vaynerchuk’s opinion, is not healthy as it can detract from the influencers true personality which has made them famous. Thus, it is the responsibility of the brand to give their influencers freedom to promote their goods in their own way. This style of marketing, in turn, will generate genuine interest from a multitude of audiences. Gary Vaynerchuk puts it quite simply – “Once brands pick an influencer, they need to get out of the way to let the influencer do their thing. That’s the reason you picked them in the first place.”

We are creating immersive 360 video content for our clients!

We are creating immersive 360 video content for our clients!

360-degree video is growing as a tool for marketing campaigns because it allows clients to immerse themselves within the experience rather than being a passive viewer. By doing so, firms produce a real experience that their consumers cannot ignore- they are able to empathise and emote with what they are seeing. We at NXT Generation are working hard with Carve Productions to create immersive high quality videos for our clients. Thus, we would like to explore the world of 360 video marketing.

Large firms such as Facebook, Youtube and Google have all taken a leap into making 360-degree videos. By doing so, they allow their viewers to see the video from all angles simply by swiping around the screen or by tilting their device in a different direction. Simple, yet effective, this strategy allows their clients to be fully involved in their experience, therefore increasing their active awareness of the thing that they are seeing.

The production of these videos is relatively simple; all it requires is a device that can film 360 degrees, or multiple cameras to film each area. The Ricoh Theta S, for example, is a device that allows one to record high quality 360-degree videos. It is relatively well-priced in comparison to most recording devices, hence making it an excellent option.

NXT Generation are at the forefront of marketing technology, which allows us to offer a wide variety of experiences to our clients. 360-degree videos are just one of the many marketing strategies that we are able to implement.

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