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We have been working with NXT Generation for the past 3 months and we are absolutely delighted by the service we have received so far.  Johny and his experienced team introduced us to email marketing and video marketing campaigns. The early signs is that our revenue for new business has increased by 50%. They have a wide network of financial publishers which work together to deliver us a high volumes of leads and have delivered over 750 qualified investment leads in the first few months.  We see working with NXT Generation as a major part of our growth plans for the future.

Stephen Turner
Business Development Manager

We have been working with Johnathan and his experienced NXT Generation team for the past 3 months and I am delighted with their service. We have completed 3 major sales on the email marketing activity, speaking to British HNW investors who are keen to learn more about our exclusive EIS investment and we have many more prospects in the pipe line. We are now pushing towards video marketing, the NXT Gen team have come up with great ideas for visual lead generation concepts, increasing our awareness for the investment and seem to have a proven video lead generation system to target UK HNW’s. We are also very happy with the partnerships NXT Generation have formed for us, they not only want to book lead generation campaigns but want to help increase our investment profile in a very competitive investment market with their experienced marketing ideas and connections.

Tola Bashir
CEO Supreme Jets

We have known the guys behind NXT Gen for many years now. In that time, they have worked on multiple successful campaigns for us, from Email marketing lead generation to more innovative video and social Marketing. Every time they go above and beyond to make sure our requirements are fully understood, and our products are represented in the way we want them to be. The last campaign they implemented towards the end of 2018 was social video lead generation which resulted in some great quality leads and subsequent sales. I Fully recommend Johny Pach and the team they are professional, friendly and keep working hard until they deliver the desired results.

Luke Fitzsimmons
Marketing Director Experience Invest

I have been working with Johny for many years and he has always come up with the goods. Nxt Generation has a very professional, outgoing team, identifying gaps in the market to deliver quality investment leads. Their marketing suggestions have always worked in delivering quality leads in a timely fashion and have most importantly resulted in strong sales for my team. I would recommend Nxt Generation's experience and creative ideas to anyone looking for DR marketing solutions.

Robbert Hofman
Founder UV10


NXT Generation have been truly outstanding. They’re friendly, efficient and understood every aspect of what we needed to achieve with our lead generation and when we needed it. They suggested the best solutions and it brought in some amazing results. With their wealth of experience and passion for our success, we’re delighted to have NXT Generation as a key partner in our growth strategy for the coming years.

Graham Turrell
Founder & CEO, The HighGround Group

I have been working with Johnathan Pach NXT Generation for the past year and have been blown away with the response. My campaigns have been properly thought out with dynamic creative ideas to generate the best quality leads through video and email. A friendly reliable energetic team, working hard to deliver the leads in a timely fashion and making sure the quality of the leads is at its highest level. Companies I work with have made many sales off the leads that Johny and his team have produced and we are delighted with their service and hopeful for a prosperous future.

Karim Mohammed
Managing Director, GS Asset Consultancy.

NXT Generation has boosted our sales by a considerable amount. We have tried the rest, now we use the best! Very pleasant to deal with, they always will deliver on time and produce quality leads. Getting tougher and tougher in business but with NXT Generation you can take that out of the equation, they have new ideas and a young dynamic team hungry for success.

Kevin Feller
Apollo Capital Sports Traders AI.

I have worked with the CEO of Nxt Generation for around 3 years. We had tried many other sources for lead generation only to be miss-sold and left disappointed. We have had some great deals from the leads generated by the Founder of Nxt Generation and his team and we continue to use them on a monthly basis with success. Johnathan is very ambitious and an extremely hard worker which is hard to find. We have a great working relationship that would be hard to replace. Quality leads are hard to find.

Jenny Gallagher
Director - Katar Invest

Being a relatively new company it has been an absolute pleasure to do business with the CEO of Nxt generation. I have found him to be someone who is always prepared to go the extra mile and nothing is too much trouble, he was also instrumental in introducing me to video marketing opportunities and in all honesty, I was blown away by the response we received.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nxt Generation as a company who will professionally take care of your marketing requirements.

Alan Dean
Director - Sovereign Resources.
Johny did a few projects for Vikasa last year and it was a pleasure to work with him and his team. He is a super nice guy, very responsive and professional. He understood the product well and his team was able to put together a beautiful 30 second high quality video production, landing page in just a matter of days and set up a funnel to capture some leads for us. All in all, everything was extremely efficient and professionally executed. They know what they are doing.
Kosta Miachin
Founder Vikasa
I have used Next Generations service via the CEO Johny Pach on many campaigns. E-MAIL, Cold Calling qualified leads and Video.
The response I received from the leads he generated were far, and above, the results from numerous others I’ve employed. I can honestly say that a large portion of my net worth I earned because of the stellar job he and his crew did.
If you're serious about results Nxt Generation is serious about delivering the tools you need.
James Muller
I’ve worked with Johny and his team on a couple of lead generation digital campaigns for real estate investment and let me say – he delivers every time. In today’s marketing world it’s commonplace to come across ‘Marketing Guru’s’ or so called ‘Marketing experts’ that promise the earth in terms of both high quality and high quantity digital leads that come at a very high price, yet in my experience it’s rare that both are delivered. Johny and his team however, really are the exception, ticking boxes that most of us Marketers look for in every lead gen campaign we pay for – Affordability, lead quality (without sacrificing on quantity), customer service, digital knowledge and most importantly – sales conversion. Aside from all this, he’s not afraid to pick up the phone or have a Skype conversation to find out EXACTLY what his clients want. That personal touch goes a long way. Looking forward to our next campaign with NXT Generation!
Tom Farmer
Marketing Director Crowngate

After 15 years in the marketplace and wasting tens of thousands of pounds on marketing I feel we have found our niche with Johny.

A fantastic friendly team who endeavour to go way and beyond the comp.

Identifying KPI’s for all our campaigns and delivering to the highest standard

Each campaign has delivered revenue increase by a minimum of 55%

On the whole, we would not use anyone else and would HIGHLY recommend NXT services


Andrew Pritchard

Itasca Films have worked with Johny Pach and his experienced team for over 6 years. We know that the investment industry can be challenging when raising investment for EIS Film opportunities but Nxt Generation have helped in making this rewarding and profitable for our organization. They seem to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new investor lead generation ideas and executes this efficiently through their large marketing network. For us, email marketing and video marketing campaigns have generated the best ROI and we are looking forward to more campaigns in the future.

Malcolm Walker
CEO Itasca Films

We have collaborated with NXT on multiple campaigns for our blockchain ICO and always appreciate how they commit the time and resources to fully understanding our model and objectives in order to prepare the most tailored marketing initiatives that will maximise our investments.

Innovative - Professional - Highly Recommended

Liz Chu
Marketing Director – 2Cash Ltd

We have been working with Johny & Aaron of NXT Generation & Carve Productions, for around 3 months - building our marketing programme & lead generation for our Fitness Fat Loss Programme A90.

The video content we created has been great & has provided some fantastic exposure. Off the back of the videos we have devised a great plan together for building our leads up & nailing our conversion strategy, our online programmes are currently flying & our in-house classes are building up exponentially.

Looking forward to our continued working partnership with NXT Generation & Carve Productions

Co-Creator A90 Fat Loss & Nutrition Guide URWorkout

Ida Rose has been working successfully with NXT Generation since the beginning of the year.  We have run multiple email and video campaigns with the NXT Gen team and are very encouraged by the steady stream of success. We love Johny's enthusiasm and passion for our projects and the film industry in general.  He is always approachable and has created some amazing campaigns which helped raise funds for our films.

Clare Brigg
Head of financing

Hunter Jones have been working with NXT Generation for the last 2 years and we very satisfied with their service. They have an eye for creativity, making our investment content look exciting and appealing to investors with micro sites / HTML’s and landing pages.
Their lead generation is second to non, they get us on the best investment lists which are exclusive to NXT Gen, the lead flow is steady and we have converted a high number of their email leads across multiple email marketing bookings. We are excited to see what NXT Generation can come up with next exploring video marketing and TV.

Reece Mennie
CEO of Hunter Jones

We are delighted with the level of service that we have received over the past 6 months with NXT Generation. They created great marketing Content around our exclusive whisky product, they advised us on the best way to market the product and to target the highest quality investor leads and they have executed strongly by supplying us with a steady stream of investment sales. They are a friendly & reliable bunch, supplying us with weekly reports on the progress of the campaign and are they constantly picking our brains and coming up with great ideas to improve our overall marketing strategies. We are looking forward to a very fruitful 2020 with nxt Gen.

Rob Whipple
Director of Sales

I believe that Digital Marketing is the key to the success of any business. So much so that I have dedicated my career to helping businesses understand it and to teaching it.


There isn’t many people who share my level of enthusiasm but I must say Johnathan Pach is one of the people who do, his knowledge and passion for the industry is infectious and he really knows his stuff!


Our podcast was jam packed with great business and marketing tips that will help many people do more in their life and business, thanks for putting it together Johnathan.

Mark Wright
Director of Climb Online – Apprentice Winner – Forbes 30 u 30.

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