The Importance of Video Marketing & Presenter-led Content

There has been a surge in video-orientated marketing strategies over the past few years. Really, this is not surprising, particularly if one was to considering the statistics. On average 55% of people view online videos a day. Moreover, 59% of executives say that they would rather watch a video than read a chunk of text. It is important, therefore, to have well directed video content. We at NXT Generation think that it is vital to use video marketing strategies; not only do we promote video content, but we also emphasise the importance of presenter-led content, since it is an effective way of getting across your message.



In order to generate as many leads as possible, it is important to get across your message clearly and concisely. Therefore, if you are using presenter-led video strategies, ensure that they are concise and simple. In doing so, you can ensure that your targeted audience retain as much information from your content as possible. Furthermore, by producing simple, yet effective content, one is able to attract the attention of a wide variety of consumers all of whom should be able to understand your premises. In this day and age, everyone firm is using professional presenters to get their message across. It is imperative, therefore, for your firm to do the same – only then will you be able to compete and generate the leads that you desire. In sum, when using video marketing make sure that your message is clear and concise. Also, never underestimate the importance of a good presenter, since they can add the flair and tenacity that your business may need!