The Lead Generation Process

Though many different lead generation strategies exist, the lead generation process, at its core, remains the same. Here is how things tend to work:

1. Develop an understanding:

For businesses taking on their own lead generation campaigns, it is firstly important to research and understand your customer base, so that you can establish their preferences. To make this task easier, many businesses delegate the process to lead generation companies.

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2. Plan your content:

Once you’ve established what your customers are into, it is important to plan your content in accordance with their interests. In doing so, you will enhance your ability to generate qualified leads. Often, the best content is short and fun, so consider eye-catching landing pages that concisely explain your message.

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3. Offer something to the customer:

When the customer visits the landing page, they are much more likely to provide their information if they receive something in exchange. Given this fact, perhaps you could offer them a free valuable item, such as a brochure, to show that you care about them. This will help you to establish a trusting relationship, which is key to the lead generation process.

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4. Keep the customer updated:

Once the customer has provided you with their information, you can keep in contact with them through email marketing, for example. This will enable the customer to always be aware of what you’re doing, thereby improving the chances of a sale.

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5. Focus on qualified leads:

Though many people will exchange their information with you, it is vital to focus on qualified leads, because they are most likely to buy. You can do this by calling up potential qualified leads to check just how strong their interest levels are.

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6. The customer buys your product or service!

Following these lead generation steps will give you the best chance to generate top-quality leads. Remember, though, to always adapt lead generations processes and strategies according to your strengths, values, and mission!


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