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What is Sky AdSmart?

AdSmart, a ground-breaking style of TV advertising, is the brainchild of Sky. The AdSmart methodology is simple: enable different advertisements to be displayed in various households viewing the exact same TV programme. Why does AdSmart do this? Well, this method of TV advertising is designed to enable all businesses to profit from the power of TV, irrespective of their size, history and capacity.

More specifically, AdSmart allows a wide variety of companies to advertise to their target audience(s) on some of our nation’s most-loved channels, including all Sky Sports and Sky Cinema channels, Sky1, Fox, Lifetime, and many more! Sky AdSmart gives companies an extremely good level of control and accuracy when it comes to their advertising campaigns, which makes the process more open and efficient. Astoundingly, due to its simplicity, effectiveness and inclusivity, Sky AdSmart is able to say that over 75% of advertisers using the service are Sky or TV novices.

How Does Sky AdSmart Work?

Sky AdSmart firstly gives you the opportunity to choose your desired audience from a multiplicity of options to ensure that your advertisements are shown to the perfect households. The wonderful thing about AdSmart is that your advertisements only air when your desired audience is watching TV, which means that you can control costs without having to manually monitor your audience! Here’s a step-to-step guide of the process:


Sky collects data concerning household profiles and stores it on the Sky+ HD box.

Using satellites, appropriate advertisements are sent to your target households.

When an opening is detected, the appropriate advertisements are selected to be shown to your target households.

The ad is integrated into the advertisement break.


AdSmart is able to discover a company’s ideal audience thanks to its location-based targeting options, which are split into five distinct approaches:

Select by postcode area

Select by region

Select by local region

Select by metropolitan area

Select by geo-flex targeting


Alongside the location-based targeting method, AdSmart is able to target ads according to a wide variety of measures, such as:


Senior Decision Makers:

This measure takes into account the presence of a company holder or director.

Pet Ownership:

This measure detects and focuses on households containing cats, dogs, or both types of animal.

Mosaic Types:

AdSmart puts forward the Experian Mosaic attributes.


This measure considers the collective age of the individuals within a household, as well as the age of the head of the household.

Home Ownership:

This measure recognizes whether or not a home is occupied by its holder.

Household Composition:

This measure selects households based on gender and age compositions.

Financial Strategy:

This measure analyses how customers and households cooperate with financial organisations.

Expectant Families:

This measure distinguishes households expecting a child whilst also judging the number of children already in the household.

Early Tech Adopters:

This measure identifies households that are likely consider and use innovative technology.

Car Ownership:

This measure assesses households based on the kind of vehicle(s) they own.


This measure considers households who consume beauty products, specifically those bought using a Boots Card.

Age of Baby & Kids:

This measure locates households with children.


This measure is great for quantifying the spending power of a household, paying attention to income and other relevant components.

Second Mortgage:

This measure uncovers households that many possess a second mortgage or household.

Why Choose Sky AdSmart?

Sky AdSmart is perfect for you if:


You are looking to raise awareness of your company in order to boost consumption

You need your advertisements to only be directed towards your ideal audience

You wish to limit your campaigns to particular regions, cities and/or postcode areas

You desire to expand your company through a successful method of TV advertising

You intend to be noticed in elite and competitive circles

You aim to restrict costs, paying for your advertisements only when they are shown and seen

You want to plan and analyse your advertising efforts using Sky’s measurement tools

You hope to soar above your competition


Axiom Media

What is Axiom Media?

Axiom Media is the UK’s largest independent TV & Digital advertising sales house. Founded in 2012 by former executives from prominent broadcasters around the country, Axiom Media provides bespoke sales opportunities on a domestic, international and global scale across a number of genres, including entertainment, news, and sport.

Axiom Media’s aim is simple: to return true value to channel owners through tailor-made sales opportunities. In other words, Axiom Media is keen to recognise the value and unique benefits of a channel, and to offer sales proposals that recognise these key assets. Working on a price per spot model, Axiom Media aims to establish fully-integrated commercial partnerships for all clients.

In its time, Axiom Media has established a number of media partnerships with high-profile channels such as BritAsia TV, Smithsonian Channel, VisionTV and many more.


Why Choose Axiom Media?

There are a number of reasons to choose Axiom Media. Firstly, thanks to Axiom’s diverse portfolio, it continues to deliver volume. This can be seen by cross-comparison, which suggests that Axiom Media has reached double the audience of Turner and 68% more than Media15, both of whom are leading sales houses.

On top of its incredible volume, Axiom continues to work with two of the UK’s leading documentary channels: PBS and Smithsonian Channel. Focusing on the former, PBS is renowned for showcasing many of America’s best-loved and award-winning factual shows. Displaying some of the highest-quality documentary content, PBS reaches a large number of households, which is why it has collected over 18 million impressions.

Axiom is always a great choice for those interested in targeting the BAME population because it has an incredible ethnic network. According to Axiom’s data, the Indian and Brit Asian population makes up 7.4% of the UK’s population. Moreover, this population is more likely to consume brands that they’ve seen advertised on ethnic channels, largely due to the fact that they have greater loyalty to ethnic-targeted channels.

Given this information, Axiom Media works with 13 broadcast channels that target the BAME network, each of which delivers a strong reach. Axiom also work with the only FTA South Asian BVOD Platform (Zee5), the only African 24/7 movie channel via CTV, and a leading African News Network (again via CTV).

When compared to Sky, Axiom Media has a lower entry cost. Axiom Media’s services also represent better value for money when compared to Sky’s services.

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