TV Advertising Leads

With our new LA office based just outside of Beverly Hills and our Business Development Manager Sammy on the ground working for us in the heart of Hollywood we are able to offer our clients an exclusive opportunity to advertise across mainstream US TV based on lowest rates with ad spend and a successful cost per call format.

TV Advertising is the best way to showcase your product or service, in a quick funky 30 second prime time TV ad, where a potential investor or consumer can pause the TV, call the free phone number which then gets pathed directly to our clients sales team.

We can target more affluent / financial channels across Direct TV and Times Warner cable networks (FOX NEWS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Bloomberg etc) and also target regions in the East and West Coast such as LA, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Washington which are more affluent and will house an investor demographic.

TV national TV campaign, covering all US regional TV distribution through cable networks (including Times Warner & Direct TV) syndicators, and national IP-Enabled Set-Top boxes. We will aim to advertise across channels that we feel hold a more affluent audience of males & females 35+ who have shown an interest in real estate / travel / alternative investment and trading products. We will help produce / edit your 30 second TV advert, displaying a prompt call to action phone number.

You will only be paying a small ad cost fee and then delivery of incoming calls (cost per call) the setup charge & production will be free courtesy of our TV partners in LA.

Using our LA based call center, we can also warm up the lead for you and can provide you with recordings of calls, full delivery reports each week and full call data.

Our aim is to drive incoming calls directly from your TV advert direct to your sales team.

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