Lead Generation Video Production

New ways to generate business?

Never before with marketing have you been able to grow your audience data base with people that are genuinely interested in your product or service whilst tracking direct sales and the return on investment; all whilst building a strong brand awareness campaign than you have with video marketing.

Traditional marketing (and even email marketing) has always relied on contacting as many people as you possibly can, often through a cold approach, in the hope that a small percentage of them will want to buy and take it upon themselves to make the effort of going through with the sale, first time or even remembering the advert to begin with.

It’s a risky and costly approach and with competition increasing never before has it been so important to have a marketing strategy that works.

Video marketing, creating engaging and immersive content that will promote your brand and business all whilst targeting key interested people.

Can I use social media to generate leads?

Our approach is simple, understand your brand, business and message; relay that message through a series of short videos that is targeted to your demographic. Using social media to create specific audiences for as many different products/services and price points that you have. Allowing you to split test your products against each other and use the better received ones to spend your budget, increasing the return on investment. All whilst carrying out extensive competitor analysis to ensure you are offering something different in the way you market your products.

Any one that is even slightly interested will engage with the promotion, either through watching the video, liking it, sharing it, commenting on it or following through with the call-to-action the promotion will carry. That could be to visit a website, directly purchase or request to be contacted by you - creating a warm lead for your sales team.

How much does video marketing cost?

Instead of using a huge marketing budget to reach as many people as possible, we look to create a number of niche audiences with our experience estimate how much it would cost to reach a percentage of this audience. Allowing us to test each audience with your product before committing to a large spend or campaign. In some cases a direct sale or lead can cost as little as £1. Our campaigns have seen a successful £30 lead generate a £125,000 sale.

As people engage with the ad we’re able to retarget them through a video marketing funnel depending on the action they take. If they watch an entire video but do not visit the website or take any further action, they may need a much shorter video telling them exactly what they need to do (visit the website to find out more information) or a video that gives them a direct buying call-to-action. Either way, once they’ve engaged they become part of your advertising audience. The more data we build the more concise the adverts become and the less you have to spend to engage with them.

We create social marketing campaigns led by video for B2C and B2B with a proven track record with property, e-commerce, technology and entertainment.

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