Virtual reality, known to most as VR, has really taken the technological world by storm over the past few years. Most of us would have seen it used by gaming or entertainment companies to well and truly ‘bring things to life’. The common image that springs to mind is a user who is immersed in the world of the dinosaurs, with a few pterodactyls to his left and a triceratops to his right. However, firms are now looking for more innovative ways to integrate VR into the work that they do, in order to generate more commercial activity. We at NXT Generation Marketing are doing just that.

We currently offer VR opportunities for clients in the areas of property investment, luxury vehicle testing and art exhibition sampling (just to name a few). For example, a client with a busy schedule may wish to view a property and they can do just that in a matter of minutes. All they must do is put on the VR headset and they can ‘roam’ around the property, without having the hassle of travelling and locating the premises. The same can apply to art viewing or car testing; one must merely put the device on their head and the rest is rather straightforward. These are just a few of the applications of virtual reality in the marketing world. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, in particular, it will be fascinating to see the next step that VR will take in the world of commerce.