Conventional strategies of marketing content are no longer relevant and effective today. This can be attributed to changes in Google algorithms that accord importance to the user engagement content is driving. Resultantly, fun, witty, and visually appealing content takes precedence over long forms of drab textual content. Social media platforms, too, are instrumental in bringing about this change. Reels on Instagram or auto-playing short videos on Facebook, for example, are capturing the attention of online audiences like never before. Video content, in a nutshell, has taken the internet by storm and is here to stay for a long time.

Video marketing is becoming an inalienable part of content strategy for advertisement purposes because videos have proved their efficacy in sparking the curiosity and interest of potential customers. Videos engage audiences, cater to their short attention spans, and make them commit to your brand’s call to action better than other content formats.


Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing facilitates ease of narrating the different stories of your brand, helps bridge the trust gap between your brand and prospective customers, and allows forceful explanations of your value propositions. This is why marketers worldwide spend almost $74.6 billion annually on video promotion to convey their message to 3.1 billion+ strong digital video viewers globally. People feel more motivated to explore a brand’s offerings and engage with it after watching relevant videos.



Incentives for Integrating Videos in Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

Some astounding facts mentioned below, related to the paramount role played by videos in driving conversions, will strengthen your conviction for strategically leveraging videos to drive your content marketing. After going through them, you can confidently start optimizing video content to reach out to targeted audiences and catapult your brand’s popularity and profitability to dizzying heights.

Videos Trigger Sales

Video is used as a marketing tool by 86% of businesses whose owners are convinced of its persuasive power. After all, more than 62% of prospective buyers watch video reviews of products before making an informed purchasing decision. And 84% of buyers have watched a video before engaging with a brand.

Videos Increase Conversions

Videos improve the brand recall rate tremendously. One can retain almost 95% of the message conveyed through video than through plain text. If an explainer video accompanies the product ad, 96% more prospects will likely buy the same. A video on the brand website’s landing page will likely boost conversions by 80%.

Videos Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR) of Marketing emails

If you don’t want your marketing emails to land in the trash can of users, you should include video content in them. The CTR of emails with a video goes up by a whopping 200-300%. Also, the use of video thumbnails in place of pictures in emails makes CTR zoom by more than 21%.

Videos Complement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Efforts

Videos have proved effective for 87% of brand managers in driving qualified organic traffic to their websites. Further, 82% of site owners have revealed that the average dwell time of page visitors increases with engaging videos on web pages. Imagine the impact this has on the SEO of your website. Google accords importance to those sites during search result page ranking, which offers an immersive experience to visitors and motivates them to explore more with meaningful, informative content.

Videos Drive Higher Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms have become critical to the success of any marketing strategy for brands because of the huge viewer population that frequents these sites. If your content gets viral, nothing can stop your brand from exploding.

Publishing short and sweet videos have become the latest trend on these platforms. The mobile responsive videos with auto-play option are compelling viewers to commit attention to your messages. They effectively extract favorable responses to your brand’s call to action.

Social videos are instrumental in generating 1200% more likes and shares than any other conventional marketing content. Further, 17% of social media users in the age range of 18-25 years spend more than 20 hours every week watching online videos. These users are a potential goldmine for your brand as they are always willing to splurge on products that capture their attention.

Statista Research team released the results of its survey in 2022, indicating that 68% and 67% of marketers are considering increasing their video publishing frequency on Instagram and YouTube within a year. Anyone can now create and edit a video online using a good online video editor for publishing on social touchpoints as the software offers loads of easy-to-use features within an intuitive interface.


Videos Enhance Credibility of Brands

Video marketing allows you to reach out to potential buyers with a personal touch, an act that they cherish. You can call forth the desired emotion in audiences by blending visuals and audio meticulously. Creativity can be stretched to its extremes with videos. Hence, engrossing videos make it easier to consume complex information while remaining entertaining.

You can use live stream videos to connect directly with audiences, troubleshoot their problems, offer them quality information, and make them feel the warmth of sincerity with which your brand likes to serve them. This makes earning the trust of customers and lending authority to your brand’s voice easier.

You can drive casual conversations around videos posted on your social media channels. When audiences start seeing the personal touch in all your interactions with them, they are more than willing to believe the humane face of your brand. Some even turn brand advocates and promote your brand through word-of-mouth advertising.

As your brand videos start becoming viral on social platforms, the credibility of your brand increases. Always keep the defining elements of your brand consistent in all visual presentations to promote retention of the brand message and ease of recognizability. Prospects feel safe associating with a brand that bonds with them at a personal level.


Videos Can Be Marketed In a Versatile Manner

You can leverage the unlimited potential of videos to woo and wow prospects with different themes.

  • Explainer videos help articulate the dynamics of any product in a visually compelling manner.
  • About Us videos help showcase your company’s culture, brand values, employee engagement index, behind-the-scene facts, and brand face in a personable and relatable way.
  • Customer testimonials or review videos help exhibit the superiority of your products and excellent customer service.
  • Knowledge videos update customers about recent industry trends and your brand’s exclusive expertise and facilitate troubleshooting of problems faced by prospects.
  • Pre-roll ad videos grab viewers’ attention through concise, exciting, and original content played before long videos or reels.
  • Product preview videos highlight the stellar aspects of your products, offer step-by-step instructions on using them, and make the purchasing decision easier for prospects by demonstrating products from various perspectives.
  • How-To videos help customers understand the functioning of products even before they purchase.
  • Reels entertain audiences and subconsciously motivate them to connect with your brand.
    Livestream videos streamline the interaction with targeted audiences.
  • Interview videos make customers aware of the views of brand managers and plans for the future.
  • Webinar videos help educate products about the features, specifications, and functioning of products/ services.


Suppose you have not yet started integrating videos into your content marketing strategy. In that case, you are blunting your competitive edge in the market and allowing niche adversaries to steal the march over your brand. Videos can be personalized, boost conversions, and reach out to many audiences due to their shareability. You can customize videos easily and present your brand message in engaging ways. Mobile responsive videos expand the outreach of your brand further. Start leveraging videos for your brand promotion and make a bold statement of your intent before prospective customers.